Oriental Oasis

posted by on 2011.06.15, under Editorials

Here’s a recent editorial I styled for Prestige Magazine. Loved how I was able to be as creative as I wanted to for this editorial. Which means layers upon layers upon layers….socks under sandals…pants as tops & tops as pants. A little geisha, a little samurai, a little chinadoll, and of course was inspired by the traditional korean costume “Han Boke”…inspired by their vibrant clashing colors. Welcome to the Oriental Oasis.

Stylist- Chriselle Lim

Photographer- Karla Ticas

Makeup- Johny Saade

Hair- Christopher Saluzzo



Into The Sunset

posted by on 2011.01.15, under Chriselle Inc.

Do I have any followers from Lebannon or Dubai? Our editorials for Prestige magazine is finally out! So excited to see that we were able to get 2 separate editorials in the January issue! “New Years In LA” and “Into the Sunset” .. love how we shot both of these separate editorials on the same day but the mood, lighting, and styling is completely different! Funny thing is I styled this a couple months before I partnered up with Michelle Phan…and I feel like the styling on my NYE glamarous fashion tutorial was inspired by my styling with Prestige Magazine!

The first editorial “New Years Eve” was styled more for your Sex Kitten type of gal~ who loves to be glamorous and sexy. Lots of glitter, bling, sheer, and fur… and YES she loves to show off her legs! Whereas  the second editorial “Into The Sunset” is for your hopeless romantic…(the same look as the Tea Party look in my fashion tutorial). A hopeless romantic love love loves her tulle, ruffles and lace!

Although its a bit late for NYE styling…here is my NYE fashion tutorial if you havnt seen it yet!

Big thanks to Christian Louboutin, Zuhair Murad, Brian Lichtenberg, Catherine Malandrino, Camilla Scovgaard, Vin jewelers, Kirsten Leigh Kuehn, Harry Winston, and Cartier for sending us stuff to make this shoot possible!

And if you are out in Lebanon and Dubai~ would love for you to take a peek because its not available here in the US..booooooo!

Styling: Chrielle Lim

Photography: Karla Ticas

Makeup: Leibi Carias

Hair: Sienree Du



Cut Em Babies Off

posted by on 2010.12.08, under Behind the Scenes, Chriselle Inc.

Heres a little preview to our shoot we did last month with Prestige magazine! I was lucky enough to get my hands on the dress that Blake Lively wore on Gossip Girl by Zuhair Murad! I cant wait to show you guys the full editorial once it is released! Keep posted!

btw one of my favorite looks is Cut Off sheer tights. I love how they come out  versus thick knee high socks. Just get your Nylons and Cut Em Babies Off right above your knees to achieve this bad girl look!

Stylist: Chriselle

Photographer: Karla Ticas

Makeup: Leibi Carias

Hair: Sinree Du



Dangerously Taking Over

posted by on 2010.11.23, under Behind the Scenes, Chriselle Inc.

How bad ass is that diamond ear cuff….who needs 1 diamond stud when you can get all 8 diamonds in one? Our dear friend Vin not only hooked it up with his sick beverly hills estate but also with millions of dollars worth of jewels. His jewelry boutique is in his mansion so we were able to lavishly go diamond shopping in the luxury of his home.

Styled this look with some bad ass spiked louboutins,  the strongest shoulder padded blazer by Brian litchenberg, diamond earring cuffs by Vin Lee, studded dress by Zuhair Murad… i like my girls to be Dangerous.

We we have 4 covers that will be coming out on stands within the next month! It’s been a good good year….like i said. Me and my gals are dangerous…Dangerously Taking Over.



The Ultimate SKINNY BITCH Diet

posted by on 2010.11.10, under Chriselle Inc.

i lost about 5 lbs in one week by being on this diet.

Today I ate my YSL’s for breakfast, for lunch I had my Louboutins, and for diner I will have my Camilla Scovgaard.

So some of you guys know I have a huge editorial this Friday for a Prestige Magazine based out in Dubai. I’ve been overdosing and bombarded with the amount of shoes that Louboutin, jimmy Choo, and my ultimate favorite Camilla Scovgaard has been sending me.

Sounds like a dream job right? I have been getting numerous amounts of request for me to talk about “How I Got into Styling” Im thinking of I should blog about it for you guys or Vidoe blog about it! hmmmm (Im actually quite camera shy)

Let me know your thoughts




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