Not About The Wardrobe But About The Hair!

Recently I had the chance to style a hair campaign for a compay called L’anza haircare. This was actually my 3rd time working for them but my1st time working as a stylist for them. The past 2 times I’ve worked with L’anza I was one of their models for their hair campaign as well as their runway show. This time around I had the pleasure to style their campaign and be a part of the moel casting process. We casted 3 beautiful models from Photogenics modeling agency who were shot by the talented photographer Hama Sanders. When styling for a hair campaign it is very important that the focus is on the hair. It is very easy to take the focus away from the hair with bad styling. Styling should be very simple with no accessories,clothing should blend in with the lighting and mood instead of “popping” because it is the hair that should pop. Its not about the wardrobe but about the hair! Keep that in mind not all jobs is about making bold wardrobe statements. L’anza is such an amazing company to work for and their haircare products are absolutely amazing! Last time they gave me a bag of goodies, and I’ve been living off of their products with my shiny stylish bob cut! We will be working with them again in November for our next campaign shoot! xxxx Chriselle