All Eyes On THE Shoes

Sometimes Its best to keep it simple on top and have all eyes on the shoes. As you guys know i’m on my feet all day so i’m always on the look out for a pair of amazing flats! And It’s been a while since I’ve been real excited about a pair of flats until I laid my eyes on these Penelope & Cocos. How AHHHH-MAZING are these Penelope & Coco cut out studded flats?

Today i’m prepping for another shoot for GENLUX magazine, then dashing over to Michael Kors for a private viewing of their new collection, then jetting over to Palm Springs late tonight to get ready for our early morning AM shoot! Its another one of those whirlwind weeks where I wish I had atleast 5 people to fill in my shoes. Whether its finding someone to fill in my shoes or having all eyes on my shoes… as you can see my life revolves around shoes…

Hope you all have a lovely day!

{Top- Zara, Scarf- ASOS, Shorts- H&M, Bracelets- Vintage, Shoes- Penelope & Coco, Purse- Jimmy Choo}

Photography by- Christine Chang

Love, Chriselle

Tap Your Cocos & Make A Wish

like Dorthy needed her Ruby Reds…Chriselle needs her Penelope & Cocos for this season! I have this absurd obsession  with tranny sky high heels but after Penelope & Coco came out with their line..all I want to wear are flat combat boots and dainty oxfard heels. For me to transition from my trannys to  these flattys means that they these flats are ummmmmmm  enuff said.

I had the honor of styling their very first video campaign for their Classic boot collection as well as their upcoming Spring/summer collection which is a swarm of amazingly dainty little oxford heels.

Now tell me after watching this video you dont want to wear P&C flats all day every day!

Penelope and Coco: Classic Boot Collection from Penelope and Coco on Vimeo.

Video directed by: David Gallardo

Styling: Chriselle INC.

Hair & Makeup: Leibi Carias

Photography: Karla Ticas

Heres a little behind the scenes teaser for you. Cant reveal all the Goodies quite yet until the official Spring/Summer campaign hits!

For now Tap your Cocos & Make A Wish…..