TIP OF D DAY: LOOP IT! The long belt loop is seen all over this seasons runway! It’s a must to know how to loop your belt like this. Make sure you by an extra long belt (mine is from zara) and follow the steps accordingly.

So heres the deal Reed Krakoff came out with a tote bag with this belt looping effect…but does someone want to donate $6,900 to my purse fund? I promise i’ll put it in good use:) 

My next post I will show you how to own a $6,900 purse for less than $60. :) Also keep in mind this looks better with a thin belt. no chunky belts please! no joke..i think i wear this belt with every other outfit of the week. Some things are A-OKAY to put on repeat once in a while….fine every other day. Would love your version of the belted loop~ you can post pix on our FB page or tweet us @Chriselletweets Xx Chriselle

Take Note!

Say Hello to the Amber Notebook Clutch by Alexander Wang. Saw this off the recent Alexander Wang runway collection and now they are selling it on Net-A-Porter and also Shopbop! Woot! Thinking if I should get this one or the all black snake skin one. The power that Alexander Wang has…how can someone make a uniform that all models go GooGooGaGa over and coin the term “M.O.D” (The Model Off Duty Look), make a sports bra that girls once would’ve only worn to the gym,but now are running all over the streets of paris in their sports bra and calling it “Sports Couture.”  And now making a notebook as a girls most needed necessity as a purse? Take Note….He’s a Genius…. Xx Chriselle