All The Shoes In Vegas Must Come Out Of Vegas!

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(please dont mind the horrible quality in the images below..didn’t have my camera the whole wknd so these are all from my phone!)

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas……..

but I say All the Shoes In Vegas Must Come Out Of Vegas! So I just got back from an exhaustingly fun bachelorette weekend for one of my dear & close girlfriend (founder of Serendipity Magazine). Yes we celebrated our hearts away but we also pampered our feets away! Why is it when we come to Vegas we always leave with way more shoes than we end up bringing?

(outfit above: Dress- Herve Leger dress, Christian Louboutin heels)

My new Alexander Wang Patent wedges I scored at the Barney’s sale! I’ve been eyeing these babies for quite some time and cant believe I got them for this cheap! woohoo!

Oversized shades & floppy hats are a must from all that crazy Vegas heat!

(Romper- Urban Outfitters, Shades- House of Harlow, Hat- G-star, Watch- Michael Kors Rose gold, Earrings- Beso Beso “The Chriselle”) 

and my obsession with tribal prints and statement jewelry continues… This was one of my looks for the first night out!

(skirt- No. A, Top, BCBG, Necklace- Antrhopologie, Bracelets- Beso Beso, Belt- H&M)

Not a huge fan of sandals until I met these Guiseppe Zanotti fish scales. 

Shopping in Vegas is the best! Taking advantage of the  lower tax rates! ( purse- Valentino, Romper- Urban Outfitters, Hat- Gstar)

the damage and aftermath in our hotel room.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve had time off to enjoy the presence of my girlfriends and really enjoy the luxuries in life. We danced to the undying beats, partied til the break of dawn, shopped til we (literally) dropped, and of course laughed like there was no tomorrow. and what I realized is that…

Laughter and Girlfriends is an Instant vacation!



The Sassiest Gal In Town!

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sooooo HAPPY MONDAY darlins’s. As a freelance stylist there is one thing you need to get accustomed to and that is…there is No such thing as weekends! But blessed that I am able to make a career out of something I love to do. This past weekend Michelle Phan, Krista Bradford, and I got together and glammed up Shira Lazar. Shira was covering the red carpet for ..and Wowzaaaa tell me that she  looked dropped dead gorgeous! I styled her in a beautiful Ronald Abdalla fitted champagne colored gown…i mean this gown fit Shira like a glove and of course tone and tons of bling bling from Erica Courtney, and shoes from Christian Louboutin (not shown). She looked like a million bucks and  was very much so worth a million…literally…no pun intended! Shira is a natural beauty but with some extra help of our glam squeezy we turned her into the sassiest gal in town, well in this case, the Red Carpet.

Busy Busy week shooting 2 lookbooks & campaigns, prepping for Aspen, Fashion tutorials coming ur way this week, and possibly some giveaways!



Into The Sunset

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Do I have any followers from Lebannon or Dubai? Our editorials for Prestige magazine is finally out! So excited to see that we were able to get 2 separate editorials in the January issue! “New Years In LA” and “Into the Sunset” .. love how we shot both of these separate editorials on the same day but the mood, lighting, and styling is completely different! Funny thing is I styled this a couple months before I partnered up with Michelle Phan…and I feel like the styling on my NYE glamarous fashion tutorial was inspired by my styling with Prestige Magazine!

The first editorial “New Years Eve” was styled more for your Sex Kitten type of gal~ who loves to be glamorous and sexy. Lots of glitter, bling, sheer, and fur… and YES she loves to show off her legs! Whereas  the second editorial “Into The Sunset” is for your hopeless romantic…(the same look as the Tea Party look in my fashion tutorial). A hopeless romantic love love loves her tulle, ruffles and lace!

Although its a bit late for NYE styling…here is my NYE fashion tutorial if you havnt seen it yet!

Big thanks to Christian Louboutin, Zuhair Murad, Brian Lichtenberg, Catherine Malandrino, Camilla Scovgaard, Vin jewelers, Kirsten Leigh Kuehn, Harry Winston, and Cartier for sending us stuff to make this shoot possible!

And if you are out in Lebanon and Dubai~ would love for you to take a peek because its not available here in the US..booooooo!

Styling: Chrielle Lim

Photography: Karla Ticas

Makeup: Leibi Carias

Hair: Sienree Du



Cut Em Babies Off

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Heres a little preview to our shoot we did last month with Prestige magazine! I was lucky enough to get my hands on the dress that Blake Lively wore on Gossip Girl by Zuhair Murad! I cant wait to show you guys the full editorial once it is released! Keep posted!

btw one of my favorite looks is Cut Off sheer tights. I love how they come out  versus thick knee high socks. Just get your Nylons and Cut Em Babies Off right above your knees to achieve this bad girl look!

Stylist: Chriselle

Photographer: Karla Ticas

Makeup: Leibi Carias

Hair: Sinree Du




WARNING: XXX Major (Shoe) Porn

Here is one thing i LOVE about my job…when Christian Louboutin sends me their latest and greatest pieces of their collection. no doubt, I LOVE my job but there are some parts that are just not too glamorous….but recieving my loubloubs makes everything all worth it!

Not only are these $4000 Spiked louboutins made to walk in but also for your protection. Who needs pepperspray? just bust out your spiked loubs…your bound to hurt and kill someone with these babies.

These heels are made for walkin, rockin, and sockin.



Bloody Diamonds

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I’m tellin you…I’ve never seen a dress so iced out to the T that if someone tried to give you a hug will be left with Bloody Diamonds. It looks so good that it hurts but actually physically hurts too.

We had our little new years kick off 2 months early this year with a redhead, brunette, and a blonde at our friend Vin’s mansion in Beverly Hills. This shoot was for a cover editorial we did for Prestige magazine… a fashion magazine based out in Dubai.

I had designers from Christian Louboutin, Zuhair Murad, Catherine Malandrino, and Jill Stuart send me THE most amazing shoes & gowns from New York this week. It was a whole lot of AMAZINGNESS in one day and i cannot wait to share with you the editorial once its out :)

and oh that ridiculous diamond mask and obnoxiously long diamond earrings were custom made for us by the amazing Kirsten Kuehn Designs…shes sort of a big deal.

“What are you wearing for new years? “

I say “Absolutely nothing….nothing but diamonds…”




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