The Best Backless Bras

Have you ever looked at a dress or a top and thought to yourself, now that’s going to be a problem?  Or, as one of the girls on the CINC team calls it, a ‘bra-blem’?! Backless, strapless, off the shoulder, asymmetrical, cut outs- you know what I’m talking about! So how do you pull off wearing tricky pieces while keeping “the girls” in place? I’ve got you covered!

Keep scrolling to see my top picks on how you can go bra-less without actually going bra-less:

The Sticky-Bra

Nu Bra Original  | Nu Bra Seamless 

For my ladies who want a little extra support, these self-adhesive bras are a godsend! Not to mention, they’re reusable, filled with silicon and very comfortable! You stick one on each side, then clip together with the clasp in the middle! If whatever you’re wearing is low cut, it also gives you some pretty great cleavage!  If you have a smaller chest, I’d definitely go with this one!


Pasties are kind of like stickers for your boobs! If you’re looking to be a little freer, while still being modest, nipple covers (or pasties) are the way to go!

Nu Bra Pasties | Bristols 6 Nipple Covers | Bristols 6 Superstar Nipples

With varying sizes that cup larger, smaller, or just look plain cute– nipple covers are the perfect way to go bra-less without really going sans bra! 

photos shot at Avalon Beverly Hills

So tell me, are you ready to wear more of your backless shirts and dresses? Let me know in the comments below!



  • Fatima says:

    Thanks for sharing… Going to have to check some of these for myself.

  • I need to get myself a backless bra!

  • Great tips! My issue is finding a bra to wear under white V-neck T-shirts – all the bras are either not low-cut enough, have way too much padding (I want a natural shape) or not enough padding (hello, nips!). I’m still searching for the holy grail!
    April xx


  • Patricia says:

    This post it’s a life’s savior!!! Love all the options that you showed ver useful

  • I should probably invest in some of these! Have a few dresses that I struggle to wear at times! x

    chevrons & éclairs –

  • nancy says:

    Yes they are fantastic! We sold them years ago in our trendy fashion store were we sold a lot of dresses! They were great!

  • Savannah says:

    I usually wear the pasties, but I can only use them once before they loose their grip which is a shame! x

  • Oh Chriselle!
    I am so crushing on that top you are wearing.
    I have been using triump’s silicone ones and they are pretty expensive. This was when these backless bras were more readily available.
    But nowadays, it’s so great that places like H&M and F21 sell it at a fraction of the price I used to get it for.
    Great post babe.

    Dimito Michiyo

  • Thanks for your tips, Chriselle! In love with the backless top you wear!
    $50 Lilysilk giveaway on my blog

  • That is definitely a braplem I have been facing several times. I tried nipple covers, but after twi kids I want some extra support, so I will see how I get along with a sticky bra.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • Elizabeth says:

    I’ve recently purchased one of those backless bras, as well as some petals, but I’ve yet to try them haha! Definitely can’t wait until I get a top or dress that I need it for! And thank you so much for sharing all of these great options! <3 🙂

    XO, Elizabeth

  • I wear a lot of backless or off the shoulder looks. So I always find myself wearing pasties or stick on bras! Love your selection and can’t agree more!

    XOXO //
    SINCERELY OPHELIA | NYC Petite Fashion Blogger

  • Esther says:

    I tried those few years ago and they are good to me. But after two children my girlfriends aren’t perky as before.(sad) so i want extra oomph!
    There are tones of ads about this new laced-up (front) backless bra that gives you two sized up cleavage. Have you guys tried?

  • Natalia says:

    Thank youuuuu! These are great choices 👌🏼

  • Mireia says:

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • great post , I have been using sticky bras for years now especially that I love backless dresses. these are such a great invention

  • Alina says:

    Great tip, Chriselle!

  • Tanya Foster says:

    Love this post. Great information as always!
    xoxo – Tanya

  • Natali says:

    Actually this post comes in the perfect time for me, because I have never bought one and have been planning to for a while!

  • Pamela says:

    I have never tried the backless bra because I font see how it supports your breasts. It looks like it just rides around on them. Lol

  • Jamila Cheé says:

    I have those silicone type bra myself and you know what I hate about them? They fall off when you start to sweat. That wretched boob sweat. I don’t trust it to wear it anywhere unless I am just doing a photoshoot. Mines fells off while I was walking in a fashion show! Anyways that’s my experience lol. I am just waiting for these type of bras to be sweat free so they actually stay on

  • Fatou Diaw says:

    Thank youfor sharing your favorites!

  • Sofiyat says:

    This was so helpful omg! You are amazing

  • Kay Nguyen says:

    I have tried so many backless bras and they just don’t seem to work! I an only use the on that cover my nipples but if so, I just so braless…

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  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Very nice choices and options for a backless look! 🙂

    🌸🍃LA BIJOUX BELLA 🌸🍃| By Mia | A Creative Lifestyle Blog

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