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How to Take Care of Your Denim

A good pair of jeans is the foundation for a winning wardrobe. And with denim itself being a major trend this season, knowing how to properly take care of your beloved jean pieces has never been more important! I did some research, asked around and gathered some important tips to help you ensure your favorite pair of jeans (or jacket or skirt or blouse) lasts forever!





1. Don’t Wash Your Denim!

To wash or not to wash, that really is the question. Washing your denim can destroy the fibers and kill that perfect wash you fell in love with when you bought your piece. The less often you wash your denim the better, but if you must, use a detergent specifically designed for jeans like this one or if you’re feeling fancy, this one! Turn your pieces inside out to preserve the color and wash in cold water. Then, lay flat to dry!

2. The Freezer Hack

So if you shouldn’t wash your denim pieces, what SHOULD you do? There are a few options but the most popular option is to freeze it! Literally, throw your denim piece in either in a plastic bag or by itself and leave it in the freezer! Leaving your denim in the freezer overnight helps kill bad odors making your pieces fresh and clean the next morning. If all else fails, use a steamer!

3. Saggy No More 

Sometimes, with jeans especially, denim has a tendency to stretch out and lose its shape. You know what I’m talking about. When you’ve been wearing your jeans around for hours and suddenly at the end of the day they’re all stretched out? Don’t fret: all you have to do is turn them inside out and throw them in the dryer for about 20 minutes to bring them back to life!

Do you guys have any denim care hacks that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below and have a great day! Also, be sure to check throughout the post to shop some of my favorite denim pieces for the season!



  • Jessica says:

    Double denim wins! These two denim pieces will steal the show!

  • Miss Jin Hee Dahl says:

    SOYU TIP: A super korean way to maintain denim at its original state. Literally combine soju and water (don’t remember proportions….but sopary it all over denim and then iron it….and voilà…c’est ca! You can take reference on Get It Beauty, a Korean Beauty Program! (check and you can find it!

  • Never heard of the freezer hack before. Sounds good!

  • chichi says:

    all those tips are so helpful, will be using!

  • karla says:

    This is funny. This morning I was thinking about my denim. That’s my GO TO look. (Sure not only mine)
    I was consern about the new ones I got. Thinking about how to take care of them and make them last longer.
    Those are some great hacks. Thank you Chriselle Team

  • Kiri says:

    I heard about the freezer hack!
    I am not sure about that one.
    You are supposed to freeze silk after you wash it before you iron it. That is more my type of hack.
    Actually washing. But I guess dry cleaning isn’t really washing either.
    Set to Glow

  • Mireia says:

    Absolutely love it!

    Mireia from TGL

  • Shloka says:

    These are fabulous tips and you’re so right – you shouldn’t wash your denim! It ruins the amazing creases and discoloursations that come naturally from wear and tear! There are actually a lot of sprays that are made specifically for denim that help you clean and refresh your denim without having to wash it!

    I use one form Denam!


  • I didn’t even realize I shouldn’t wash them that often, I just thought they were indestructible. In the freezer they go now…

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  • FATOU DIAW says:


  • Masha says:

    Great advice! So often we just throw our jeans in the wash without thinking about, but I’m definitely going to try out your hacks- the freezer one is something I’ve never thought of!

    White Silk, Black Leather

  • Anne says:

    I’ve never heard of the freezer hack! Also, that outfit is to die for Chriselle! I fell head over heels with it as soon as you posted a photo on your IG.

  • Liena Snow says:

    Great advice, thank you for sharing these tips!
    I am definitely getting into denim this season.
    Love xx


    This was so helpful! Thanks for sharing!



  • rhe says:

    thanks for sharing! i try to take good care of ALL of my clothes, especially denim!!!

    <3 rhe

  • Vivian says:

    Definitely using the freezer hack! You look so good in all denim <3

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Wonderful tips on Denim care! Merci for sharing your ideas! 🙂

    🌸LA BIJOUX BELLA 🌸| By Mia |A Creative Lifestyle Blog

  • Dylana says:

    That skirt is the most amazing denim piece ever!!


  • Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for these great tips on taking care of denim <3 🙂 I never heard of the freezer trick, but it sounds so interesting (not to mention hilarious)! 😀 Definitely going to try it out one of these days!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • I LOVE OUR OUTFIT !!!! Best denim on denim I’ve ever seen actually, it’s so different, and the structured feel makes it look super classy!

  • Kay Nguyen says:

    Great outfit as always! You totally nailed denim on denim look <3

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