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How to Dress Like a Jetsetter



Traveling as often as I do, I’ve come across my fair share of airport do’s and airport don’ts. Everything from packing to navigating my way through the LAX terminals is like second nature to me! So if you’re going to be traveling this summer, be sure to follow my Jet Setter Check List:

1. Linen Pants

Airport fashion can be tricky. You want to be comfortable, but you still want to look chic, right? That’s where these amazing linen pants (similar here!) come in. They’re super comfortable and even if they look wrinkled after your long flight, it still aligns with the aesthetic of the fabric! I snatched these up the last time I was in France for the Cannes Film Festival, and I wish I bought two!

2. Easy On & Off Flats

You might recognize these Derek Lam flats because I’ve worn them like crazy recently. I never travel without them! Getting through security quickly and efficiently is very important to me, so having shoes I can just slip on and off make all the difference. But make sure you carry a pair of comfy socks for your flight!

3. Pack Light

If it’s possible- try to pack everything in your carry-on! It will save you tons of time, and help you avoid that mini heart attack at the baggage claim when you don’t see your luggage right away. And it will help you completely avoid your airline losing your suitcase and spending 5 days in Paris with no luggage.

4. Put it in a Pouch

This tip is universal, whether you’re traveling or not. I LOVE pouches. They help you keep everything organized, especially if you’re carrying a large bag. I have a pouch for my travel makeup, for my travel skincare and everything in between! Be sure to check out my in-flight skincare routine here!

5. Layer Up

The weather is hot, the airport is cold and the plane? Usually freezing. Whenever I travel, I try to dress in layers. This Collette top is perfect for throwing a comfy sweater or scarf over. I love to travel with a comfy scarf because it can double as a blanket! This one here is a life saver, plus it’s on mega sale!

So are you ready to dress like a jet setter? Let me know if you have any other travel tips in the comments below, I’d love to hear them! And be sure to follow along on snapchat and Instagram to see my team and I in Paris! And if you’re in the States, Happy 4th of July!


PS: Be sure to check below for my super cute (and affordable!) picks to complete your jet setter checklist!


  • Sophia Cho says:

    Absolutely loved this post! It was just in time for my flight to Korea! Love the linen pants, so chic and effortless

  • I am in love with your style!
    Loved this blouse,

    Jade –

  • diana says:

    Super cute photos, love your style.
    ||D I A N A||

  • Suzane says:

    I love your tips and vintage is fantastic. Thanks

  • Mikki says:

    Thank you for these 5 tips! I am a flight attendants and frankly have never thought of packing linen pants. Packing light is key! I always pack my most favorite, classy and comfortable outfit when I travel… something that makes me feel confident yet in my comfort zone. Travel can be intimidating at times so why not be comfortable!
    One other item I always pack: lightweight wide legged flowy pants preferably cotton. They are nice to lounge in at your hotel room/beach or if you need to take a quick stroll for a coffee, snacks, or gelato. Love them!

  • Rachel says:

    Love the details of your whole look! Pretty!

  • What a great post, love the advice and yes I agree linen always looks chic even when rumpled, and this is the way to travel in comfort and style.

  • mainou says:

    Love the simple elements of the outfit =)

  • burkerabe says:

    So stunning ! beautiful dress,sunglasses,purse.

  • marie says:

    Love this look. It’s simple, fashionable and it looks comfy ! Well done.

  • Miki says:

    Love your tips! I always try to pack light, so I don’t have to wait for my bag after a long flight (but sometimes we gotta pack for a long trip, so no choice there). My hubby and I are avid travellers. I pack all of my most valuable items on my carry on or purse, in case a checked bag gets lost.


  • Amy says:

    Nailing the art of the travel uniform! Thank you for the wonderful tips. You look beautiful!

    xx, Amy

  • Stella says:

    Fantastic look Chriselle! I am seriously obsessed with these Derek Lam flats you are wearing (and with your style in general 😉
    Thank you for the inspiration and for the travel tips, I agree with all and layering always comes in handy!
    Have a great week!

  • Anne says:

    I’ll be travelling soon this month so this post is perfect! | Bloglovin’ | Instagram

  • Ashley says:

    Love this! Cool shoes.

    XOXO, Ashley

  • Diana says:

    Love your luggage! I wonder if it’ll fit everything you need for a 3+ day trip? Great tips!

    Diana |

  • Alyssa Amato says:

    Love this outfit inspo! So chic. xx

  • Jo says:

    On point! Chic and comfortable for the airport is the way forward! 🙂 Love those shoes.

    xo, Jo

  • DEMELER says:

    Comfortable but chic! love this

  • Helen says:

    Thanks for all these tips, Chriselle! I’m going to definitely use these next time I go on a trip. I’m terrible at packing for travel! I love those linen pants that you’re wearing and those shoes are so chic! You really know how to travel in style!


  • Jessica says:

    Your top is beautiful! Splendid pictures x

    Jessica — WS Community

  • Thuy says:

    2 and 5 are my travel bread and butters for dressing. I definitely want to use more pouches in my travel arsenal but I just gotta find ones I like. Cute and actually useful. I think the clear ones are interesting.

  • Elizabeth T. says:

    Linen pants are definitely a must, especially if you’re going to be sitting for hours in a cramped little plane and seat 🙁 Hahah thank you so much for sharing these great tips, Chriselle! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    XO, Elizabeth

  • Monika says:

    All the photos are so beautiful again, I don’t know how you do it 🙂

  • Amy says:

    Great tips! We love to travel and got to travel a lot before we adopted our twins. We found it quite challenging traveling with twins and all the baby gear (2 of everything) so we kept it to short local trips. Now that they’re 5 we’ve started traveling more and took them on their first big trip (Hawaii) since we brought them home from Japan. Although I love my Neverfull for most traveling, I found using a backpack (although it doesn’t hold as much) as my carry on was much easier so I could be hands-free (which I needed to hold my cherry blossoms’ hands). Each of my girls filled their own backpacks with all their airplane needs too to lighten my load and give them a boost of confidence with the responsibility. Before kids we only traveled with carry-ons, but now we only have one carry-on each and check the rest to make navigating the airports more manageable. Have fun in Paris!

    XOXO, Amy @ Jeans and a Tea

    • Chriselle says:

      The Neverfull is an essential size for traveling! It is so great to see you have a routine for traveling with the twins! Thank you and I hope you enjoy future posts about my paris trip! xoxo

  • Dessous says:

    Those linen pants are lovely and so is your luggage. I wonder where i can get a traveling suitcase like that…

  • La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Beautiful from head to toe no matter where you go . . . It’s that fantastic how to trick that will always put you in the winning seat every time! Simply fabulous as always! 🙂

    Ps. I noticed there’s a slight change in the mood of the photographs, a bit airy, bright and as beautiful as ever! 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • Manuela says:

    Hi chriselle I love travel but it’s important to be comfortable and at the same time chic of course! I love this jetsetter look!
    Xoxo M.

  • Natali says:

    Minimalistic perfection! I’m in love with your shoes and top, perfect pieces to travel in style while not compromising on being comfortable. 🙂

  • Great tips and LOVE the vintage inspired carry on!

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