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Nasty Gal x Naomi Priezler



Nasty Gal x Naomi Priezler


When people ask where I get my style inspiration from, I usually don’t know where to begin, but lately i’ve been getting them straight from the streets. It’s easy to get glammed up and look amazing in a gown, but the challenge lies when taking basic pieces that seem like nothing and turning them into something. Borrowing accessories from the boys seem to be the chic thing to do lately. Throw a baseball cap on a feminine sheer dress and within seconds you went from pretty to street chic.

Excited to be uploading a fashion video on my channel tomorrow inspired by SREET FASHION! stay tuned!



| source- FashionGoneRogue|

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  • Tmyah Davis says:

    I love the sneaker wedges in 2 of the photos. Super cute!!

  • Ivana Blanco says:

    Cara is perfect, ok?

  • Justin says:

    Such great inspiration! Love the isabel marant boots!

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