Fresh Blooms & Golden Rays

Perhaps one of the best things ever is a vase of fresh bloomed flowers, its amazing what it can do to your mood and your creative space. Bright Blossoms never fail to make everything feel like spring! So this weekend spend the afternoon at the market and pick up a charming bundle in a stunning shade. There’s nothing more enchanting than the golden rays of the sunset against each petal.

Inspired by the golden rays & full bloomed blossoms…. here’s a little sneak peek to the most recent editorial that I styled! The full editorial It will be out in Elle Canada for their next issue!



  • LGV-DESIGN says:

    remember the artist Frida – she looked like a flower!

  • bri says:

    i really love that corsett thing. Where is that from?

  • Ana says:

    This are one of my favorite flowers!!! I love them so much! The pictures are gorgeous!

    Ana – SternenmeerBlog

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