Bring Em Out Bring Em Out!

posted by on 2010.10.18, under Chriselle Inc.

Not sure about you but I am absolutely loving this fall weather. Bring em out bring em out..the fur, scarves, coats, and boots! One of my fall favorites is this (faux) fur scarf I have. Ive been pairing this up with alot of my jackets, and it looks like the jacket has fur lining on it!

Anyways..we’ve been suppper busy with our fashion show this past weekend, and what a success it was! I will be posting pictures from this past weekend soon. I tend to overwork myself over these jobs and end up becoming sick! So i promise many more updates after my recovery! Tons of exciting news happening here at Chriselle INC.

til next time….




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I absolutely love your styling m’dear :) Stunning as always! Load up on that Vitamin C & D (since you need something to help absorb the C) and get tons of rest <3

Jess ( October 18, 2010 at 11:46 PM )

    thanks dear! Will be resting up the next couple of days and overdosing on those vitmamins!! :)


    Chriselle ( October 19, 2010 at 12:17 AM )


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