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How To Stay Calm During These Times

Navigating our new reality has been quite challenging and mentally exhausting. One minute you’re meditating and find yourself feeling optimistic AF, and the next minute you’re fighting back tears.

Some days you’re chef extraordinaire Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest in the kitchen, and other days you’re eating like a broke college student because you don’t feel like doing the dishes for the 2nd or 3rd time again that day (no judgment).

Cooking has been so cathartic for me.

With COVID news updates happening all day, every day, we find ourselves asking: how are we supposed to act? What’s considered normal these days? Define “essential.” When can I see my friends again? Is waking up at 9:30 AM too late? Am I depressed? Am I being bad for stepping out of my apartment, even with a mask on? Why are some people not wearing masks at all?

Feeling worried, anxious, and scared are all things that everyone is going through right now. I, for one, have had quite my fair share of meltdowns, and although I know I’m in a fortunate position right now where I’m able to still work, create, write, read, exercise at home while staying relatively safe… the mental battle of the world has been heavily weighing on me.

Remember that it’s okay to not be okay. Try and take things day by day.

In efforts to focus on the things that we CAN control and shift into a more positive frame of mind, here are some things I have been doing and practicing that have been keeping me busy and sane.

Hopefully, you find something new that helps you get into a groove, too!

Have a Routine

This is so important! Every day, try to be consistent with what time you wake up, get ready, consume your meals, workout, stretch, whatever! Having a routine gives you a feeling of normalcy and much-needed structure during these crazy times.

Move Your Body

We all know how important working out is not only for your body but for your mental health. And although you’ll have to switch out of your cozy clothes into your workout clothes, you’ll be so happy you did this.

I’ve been loving at-home workouts from @popsugarfitness, @charleeatkins (thank you for putting me on her, @saratan), @movement_society (my friends) and my lawyer/cousin bestie @ninjacowboyfitness. I like doing HIIT workouts to really get a full-body workout, so prepare to SWEAT! I also like to sprinkle in a weekly yoga class from One Down Dog to slow down a bit and thank my body.

Pick Up Some Hobbies

Aside from realizing I can bake sweets all day, I’ve also started writing and reading a lot more and have given myself permission to openly create more consistently. Perhaps you would like to get back into painting or learning a new language?

Food Is Love

If you know me, you know that the way to my heart is through my belly so naturally, I started cooking more in quarantine.

Wrapping is what takes the longest. After making a solid 500 of these throughout the last few weeks, I now realize how truly labor intensive dumplings. These ones were made out of pure L-O-V-E.
Soaking in the sunshine and taking full advantage of our front porch area.

I wanted to give my friends something from the heart that I knew they likely couldn’t get anywhere else to make it really special. I had recently received my mom’s kimchi dumpling recipe and gave that a shot one day. The love and labor it took to make these was all worth it knowing how much my friends, coworkers, and loved ones were able to enjoy them. Making these was also so therapeutic, as it kept my mind off the news and my hands tech-free for a few hours. Over time, my folding skills got so much better!

Photos my friends Rachel (L) and Corinne (R) sent me of them enjoying my dumplings in their homes!

Our Place Essentials Collection

Our Place sent me this set and I have been cooking nonstop in it! It’s super chic, lightweight, and obviously great for steaming dumplings and veggies. It’s also super nonstick which I love for eggs and clean up.

Aritzia Borna Jacket

You know how much I loved oversized jackets! This one is perfectly boxy. Wear it buttoned up or over your favorite tank depending on your mood.

Paige Anessa High Waisted Jeans

Comfy, stretchy and not see-through. White pants are a summer essential, right?

Be Open

As a hyper-extrovert, in the past there would be days where I would be out all day/night before coming home. Now that I’m not socializing like that anymore, I’m in quite a few group chats that have been my saving grace.

They’re like my daily therapy sessions where I’m completely open, honest, and vulnerable. Being able to have a safe space to openly talk about everything I’m going through without feeling judged is what has allowed me to stay connected and in touch with everyone.

I’ve also been listening to Brene Brown’s podcast while I walk my dog in the mornings (PSA – if you’re able to foster, now’s the time!). She’s been helping me think of things in fresh ways. I particularly love and recommend this episode: Permission to Feel.

My little lunch set up at home
My quarantine beauty routine

Minimal Quarantine Beauty Routine

Limit Your News Intake

I was consuming wayyyy too much news and I didn’t realize how anxious, scared, and paranoid it was making me. It was seeping so much into my subconsciousness that I would wake up in the middle of the night from an anxious dream with a clenched jaw.

It’s important to note that some news outlets make money from shock value, views, and sensationalized headlines. Remember to stay up to date on everything happening but also realize when you need to limit how much you consume. Do your research, know what’s best for yourself, and don’t let it overtake your life.

Don’t Skimp Out on Self-Care

I’ll admit that the first 6 weeks of quarantine, I had little motivation to wash my face in the mornings, let alone get ready and put “normal” clothes on. Once week 7 rolled around…I thought I’d give it a shot and I ended up feeling so much better throughout the day.

So whether that’s carving out an extra 10 minutes to get in for a bath, or continuing a nighttime skincare routine, it’s important to take care of yourself.

Know When to Put Things on DND

Know when you need to stay connected but also know when you need a breather by putting your phone on DND.

Now that some of us have more time to focus on all of the things we’ve been putting off, prioritize the things that are important to you, get creative, set realistic goals, but also know that certain things are just completely out of your hands. Be nice to yourself. Perhaps today, you just need to do nothing.

I hope you enjoyed some of the practices and habits I’ve formed during this time that have helped me stay mentally and physically okay. Perhaps you’re able to find something new today that brings you peace as well. DM me and let me know!

So until we chat again, please find ways to ease your stress; enjoy a nice glass of wine and something tasty for me!