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Earth Day 2020 - How to Celebrate at Home

Today marks 50 years of  🌎 Earth Day! 🌎 Although we’re not able to be out at the beach picking up trash or planting trees, there are many other ways we can celebrate and honor Earth Day at home today.

And now, more than ever, we promise to do our best to consistently recycle, take shorter showers, be more eco-friendly, be greener, consume less, create less waste, and reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can.

While we’re all practicing being safe at home, we decided to round up all the cool brands that we wanted to highlight who are doing really cool things for the planet in terms of sustainability and giving back.

Like many of you, being able to go outside and “get some fresh air” has a completely new meaning to it these days, doesn’t it? I will NEVER…I repeat… NEVER take my front or backyard for granted again.

A new hobby that my family and I have been doing is we’ve been picking our lemons from our tree and giving them to our neighbors and friends. It’s a nice way to pop in and let those around you know that you’re thinking of them and if you’ve been following along, you also know that I’ve also been drinking a cup of hot water with lemon religiously every morning to detox my body.

Anyway, in honor of Mother Earth on Earth Day, keep scrolling to see some cool brands we wanted to highlight that are doing some really cool things!

Cool Brands Doing Cool Things


Reimagined, eco friendly cleaning products without the plastic waste. In case you missed it, Blueland will plant a tree when you post a photo in nature, use the hashtag #EarthDayPhotoChallenge, and tag three friends along with @blueland

Everybody & Everyone

A clothing brand that uses material science & practical design to maximize the life of our clothing & minimize our ⁣ impact on the planet


Made of platinum silicone, these bags are great to use in lieu of your single use plastic bags. We use these all the time and love that you can freeze it, put it in the oven, they’re microwave safe, you can put your cell phone in them when you’re near water…the list goes on!


Sustainable women’s clothes and accessories in effortless silhouettes.


All of Stella’s pieces are vegetarian are cruelty-free. The brand has always been committed to sustainability and the its ethos has always been to be a responsible, honest, and modern company


Outdoor Voices is all about #doingthings and we couldn’t agree with that sentiment any more! Although we’re not working out too much outside right now, we’re still loving being abole to move around in these fun, beautiful workout clothes in the comfort of our own home.
Every morning, I have a cup of hot wanter and lemon to detox my body. We’ve also been taking advantage of our lemon tree and giving them out to our neighbors and friends.


Essentials for the modern woman grounded in simple functionality and a philosophy that fewer is better.


Sustainable fashion made in the US where for every tee you buy, they plant a tree in collaboration with their partner, American Forests!


Affordable, reusable and functional bags for people and the planet. These are fun, easy to carry and last for years!


Clean, effecitve and sustainable. This brand is designed, tested, and produced in the USA and we can’t get enough of it. These items are gender neutral so they’re shower heroes perfect for you and him.


Socks and shoes made from premium natural materials


On a mission to make the world less trashy and more sustainable, we love shopping on this site to purchase more ecofriendly items.


Made on a farm in Vermont, every item from Tata Harper smells insanely delicious. Each product is high performance, 100% natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.


Swell is a BPA/BPS-free, reusable water bottle that keeps your favorite drink colder or hotter longer. We like to keep ours in the fridge to keep our water cold throughout the day.


Good, clean, luxurious, non-toxic, high-performance beauty products that work.


A monthly line of sustainable and organic probiotics where each component of their packaging is created with a sustainable refill system designed be more gentle to Earth.


A CINC team favorite – Kosas makes super chic, clean, cruelty-free beauty products that leave you feeling guilt-free if you happen to wear it all day. Each product is like skincare for your face.

What did you think of our Earth Day round up? What’s something you’ve been doing to work towards a more sustainable lifestyle and future? Drop a comment below or let us know on our Instagram page here!

P.S: Also, I know it’s hard right now, but we’ll all get through this. One thing I’m practicing now more than ever is trying to be present and take things day by day.

Until next time,