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How to Work From Home - Effectively and Efficiently

Like many of you, we have COVID-19 on our minds. Though it has brought a dramatic shift in a lot of our daily rituals, at The Chriselle Factor we’re fortunate to continue much of our work from home. We understand that this is a privilege and we do not take that lightly.

So, if you happen to find yourself to be in a position where you’re able to or being asked to work remotely, here are some ways to effectively and efficiently work from home.

Maintain Your Routine

It’s important to get into a groove and set yourself up for success. Set your alarm, wake up at a certain time every morning, and get on with your day as you normally would. Whether that’s waking up and getting an at-home work out in, taking a shower and brushing your teeth and abefore 7:30 AM, making coffee and meditating for 10 minutes before you answer your emails, make sure you stick to a routine that works for you. Stick to the same start each day so that you’re beginning the day off right.

Get Dressed

This is important! The act of actually getting dressed up and out of your pajamas to get ready for your day helps you mentally get into work mode. Although we’re not judging you if you have a business shirt up top and cozy pants on the bottom (pro move).

Setting Yourself Up For Success

If you work at home with kids or if your partner works from home as well, make sure you create a workspace that’s separate from the rest of the house even if that means you’re working at the kitchen table. Creating a sacred workspace beyond your bedroom helps you create a mentally available environment.

Limit the number of distractions you have at home and don’t turn the TV on just to have “something playing in the background.” Instead, turn on some chill music as you go about your day. It’s important to stay focused and not get too comfortable at home as it’s super easy to fall into the cozy trap.

Another tip is to leave your phone/devices in a different room so you’re not on them 24/7 and easily distracted.

Work From Home MVP’s

Set Boundaries

Set and enforce strict boundaries with your time, calls, and calendar. Write out and clock specific time to create, plan, and do everything you need to do for the week so that you can achieve your goals. Just as if you were in the office, you wouldn’t be chatting or FaceTiming all day, so make sure to be firm with your time at home. If you need to add into the calendar when to take your breaks and lunch, do that as well so that you’re abiding by an organized calendar.

Know when you’re at your best. Is it early in the morning? After lunch? Plan to tackle the harder part of your job then when you’re fresh.

Tend To Your Home

Make sure to open your curtains and get some natural light as well. That’s good for your physical and mental state. Having a few plants don’t hurt, either. If you tend to work from home a lot, now might be the right time to upgrade your home goods for the better.

Communicate Often With Work

Overcommunicating is better than under-communicating. It lets your boss and your peers know what you’re working on and everyone loves seeing an update.

In addition to being on top of your emails, make sure you overcommunicate. We like to use SLACK, WhatsApp, Zoom and Google Hangouts when we need to meet digitally.

Make the Most of Your Lunch

One of the best perks about being able to work from home is that you’re able to stretch/workout during your lunch break. Take advantage and use this time to regain mental clarity as well. We all know it’s super unhealthy to just work straight 8-10 hours. Take this time to stretch, reset, and nourish yourself.

Be Thankful

Being able to work from home is a luxury. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or stressed, remember you’re not alone and people are here to support you. Take a breather, move and listen to your body, and do your best to calm down. Know that your anxiety and stress will pass and focus on your breathing. If it does not, reach out to someone you trust.

Check-In With Your Community

Last but not least, make sure to tap into your neighborhood/community to check in on everyone. It can be something as simple as a text asking how they’re doing or a FaceTime call to loved ones in a different city to get that connection we’re all craving. More than ever, we need to support and be there for each other.

Are there any tips you have to effectively work from home? Let us know on our Instagram page here!

50 Things to Do While You’re Social Distancing At Home

  1. Take this time to learn a new language (Duolingo is a good app for this)
  2. Pick up a hobby (yoga, knitting, sudoku)
  3. Make a new playlist
  4. Workout at home (look something up on YouTube or IGTV)
  5. Give yourself a manicure/pedicure
  6. Start your spring cleaning (general rule of thumb is if you haven’t worn it in a year, it’s time to let it go)
  7. Clean your makeup brushes
  8. Declutter your beauty drawers and toss things that are old/expired
  9. Organize your laptop/computer
  10. Deep clean your space
  11. Paint
  12. FaceTime your family/loved ones
  13. Cooking is very cathartic. Try making something new like this Kale Pesto Pasta
  14. Bake something new
  15. Go through old clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry and list them on Depop or Poshmark
  16. Write
  17. Watch movies/shows/documentaries you’ve been wanting to see
  18. Have fun with TikTok
  19. Adopt a pet
  20. Meditate
  21. Draw yourself a bath
  22. Wear a face mask or multi-mask
  23. Have a glass of wine (try to make it to 5 pm)
  24. Make a list of everything you’re grateful for and read it out loud to yourself every morning
  25. Buy gift cards from local businesses around you to help them out during these times
  26. Feng shui your home
  27. Start that side hustle you’ve been putting off
  28. Talk to and water your plants
  29. Catch up on sleep
  30. Make the best cup of coffee and perfect the coffee to water ratio
  31. Memorize the lyrics to your favorite songs
  32. Play Monopoly or Scrabble (Always a Good Idea)
  33. Organize the photos in your phone and put them into folders
  34. Update your Linkedin profile and connect with people
  35. Take an online course
  36. Clean out your purse
  37. Make a Life Goals List (5-year plan, 10-year plan)
  38. Make a Vision Board
  39. Make a bucket list of everything you want to achieve this year/by your next birthday
  40. Scrapbook/collage
  41. Go through all of your mail (junk mail included)
  42. Binge-watch your favorite shows
  43. Delete old contacts you don’t talk to anymore
  44. Practice doing your hair in a different style
  45. Call your mom and dad
  46. Make a DIY lip scrub (mix 1 tablespoon organic coconut oil + 2 tablespoons of brown sugar + 1 tablespoon of organic honey. Let it sit on your lips for 1 minute then wipe away)
  47. Update your Pinterest boards
  48. Get up and stretch
  49. Purge your sock drawer. You can use your mismatched clean socks to wipe things with your multipurpose surface cleaner down before throwing them out
  50. Reflect. Take this time to remember what’s most important to you right now.


CINC Team.