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Is Your Body Missing Magnesium? Here's What You Need to Know

One hazy morning after a long night out, I popped into one of my favorite stores to go to in LA – Moon Juice. Moon Juice is very LA in the good way and you’re either a hardcore fan or not. There’s no in-between or middle.

Anyway, as I stepped in with an unexpected hangover, I saw that they carried these little vials of magnesium there and asked them what those were good for. The employee working there proceeded to tell me that these little vials of magnesium would actually help with a hangover if I put them under my tongue so I bought a couple and tested them out.

I had never really thought about magnesium until this very moment. What does it do? Do I need it? 

Side note: my go-to remedy for curing a hangover is: a fresh green juice, gallons of H2O, coconut water, some Gatorade (red color only of course), charcoal pills, CBD balm all over my body, soup (Korean or Vietnamese only) and 2 days of rest because I’m in my 30’s now.

Anywho, that got me thinking… We’re pretty educated and versed in probiotics, kombucha, and vitamins but are we missing magnesium in our diets? Apparently, every cell in your body needs magnesium to function and about 80% of Americans are actually magnesium deficient.

Depending on what type of magnesium you need, it can be used to improve your brain health, sleep patterns, muscle aches, and body in a multitude of ways.

I’m already such a huge fan of The Nue Co. so you know I had to try their magnesium spray. They do a really good job of explaining magnesium here. I also took the liberty of highlighting the main points they outlined:

Magnesium Citrate is good for those days you’re having a hard time using the bathroom.

Magnesium Threonate is good to improve your overall well-being and cognition.

Magnesium Glycinate is great for those that have a hard time falling asleep.

Magnesium Chloride is great for cramps and sore muscles.

Magnesium Malate is good for a boost of energy, muscle performance, and fatigue.

My Magnesium Heros:


In the morning, I like to mix a teaspoon of this Manesi-Om powder into my water. It’s also good if I feel stressed out and need an extra dose of chill. It works to restore balance on a cellular level and helps promote your morning movements (if you know what I mean) along with healthy cognitive aging.

Post workouts:

I like to spray The Nue. Co Magnesium Ease onto my calves, shoulders or any sore muscles I have after an intense workout, hike or cardio session to speed up muscle recovery. It helps to alleviate any aches, inflammation, and soreness with just a few spritzes. 

For Off Days

QuintEssential: Nutrient-rich, these little guys are great if you happen to have a hangover like I have from time to time (hey, just being honest here), or for those times I feel off and need to balance and restore my body to its natural homeostasis.

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So there’s the lowdown on Magnesium (from my POV). Is it something that’s missing from your diet? Did I make you raise an eyebrow? HMU and let me know! 

xo Jane

Photography by Karla Ticas