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Apps You Need in 2020

At this point, apps make the world go ‘round. 

Could you imagine going a full day without some of the apps on your phone? While we all have our favorites (we’re looking at you Instagram!), there are so many new apps popping up every day that can help streamline your life for the better… and maybe give you a laugh while you’re at it! 

The CINCteam and I did some research, downloaded a ton of apps to give them try, and we came up with this list! Meet the apps you need in 2020: 



This app is Chriselle’s newest obsession. TikTok is the future, people! I’m having so much fun watching and creating videos again. Check out my account here! Fair warning though, it’s addictive!


If reading more is one of your goals for 2020, then this app is for you! It helps track your reading, manage your books and build habits. Set reading goals, play ~chill~ music, and more! 



This money splitting app solves the ‘who owes who’ question so easily! If you travel in big groups, go to dinner with all of your friends, have a hard time keeping track of costs, this app is for you. It does all the math for you and makes sure everyone is owed what they’re due without making it awkward.



If you’ve got the travel bug then this app is a must-have for your phone. It shows you super affordable flights to anywhere you want to go all around the world, any time, all while comparing every airline!

Google Translate 

If you’re traveling to a country whose language you’re not super familiar with, this app is a lifesaver! It works without wifi in several countries and you can even use your camera for instant translation. Just make sure to download the language you need beforehand if you’re going to be somewhere with spotty wifi.


Another great resource for finding affordable flights is the Hopper App! One of the main reasons we love this one is the fact that you can do Price Freeze- if you lock down some dates and the prices go up before you officially book them- you’ll get refunded the difference! 


Class Pass

If you love working out but hate committing to just one type of fitness class, then you’ll love Class Pass! It’s basically a membership that gives you credits for different workout classes around your area- everything from yoga and barre to dance and HIIT! That way, you can test and try fun new classes that you wouldn’t otherwise! 



From @Tezza, this photo and video editing app has the coolest filters of the moment. It’s pretty much the only photo editing app I’ve been using recently! It’s free to download, but there are in-app purchases to unlock certain filters. The whole CINCteam loves it too! 



This shareable to-do list app is new to me but I’m officially hooked! It helps you remember dates (appointments and meetings), remembers recurring dates (bills, payments), and to streamline your life, it can hook up to Gmail, Google Cal, Slack (which the CINCteam uses daily!) and more. 


You know that feeling of looking for an email but you just can’t find it or remember the subject title? Well, with Slack you can drop files, notes, updates into certain folders so things don’t get lost anymore. We have folders for the blog, video team, editorial, general, shits and giggles, etc. 

NY Times

Great for catching up on the news and for recipes! 10/10 recommend this one!

Are you loving any new Apps for 2020? What’s on your must-have list? Drop a comment down below and let me know!