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A Year in Review – Your 2019 Favorites

It’s the first Friday of the decade, how crazy is that?

On Wednesday I talked about my 2020 goals and intentions, but before I jump into the New Year, I thought I’d take a look back at 2019… and all of our favorite products!

It was a year filled with some amazing beauty and skincare game-changers, and of course – killer clothes and accessories. While I had my favorites, you all had yours, too!

So I wanted to share YOUR favorites from 2019. These were the most clicked, most asked about, most loved beauty and skincare products, clothes, shoes, accessories and lifestyle products of the ENTIRE YEAR!

Keep scrolling to see if your favorites made the list!


For Your Face…

The Best Gadget

The Worth the $ Serum

The Best Zit Spot Treatment

The Best Drugstore Serum

The Non-Surgical Face Lift

The Best Post-Travel Face Mask

The Best Oil Cleanser

The Instant Overnight Glow

The Pore Minimizing Toner

The Cleansing Balm

The Nourishing Superfood Oil


The Light as Air Moisturizer

The Cult-Favorite Beauty Oil

The Anti-Aging Secret Weapon

For Your Body…

The Skin Saving SPF

The Anti Cellulite Body Brush

The Perfume

The Bottom Shelf Beauty Fave

The Double Duty Body Scrub

The Ultra Hydrating Lotion

The Luxe Body Oil

The Clean & Safe Bug Spray


The IG Glow Filter IRL

The Moisturizing Lip Tint

The Office Favorite Mascara

The Subtle Glitter Shadow

The Luxe Lip Stain

The Best Matte Lipstick

The Holy Grail Concealer


The Two-In-One Treatment & Oil

The Scalp Friendly Volumizing Shampoo

The French Pharmacy Dry Shampoo

The Hair Rinse Game Changer

The Texturizing Spray


The Ultimate White Tee

The Jeans You Won’t Take Off

The White Button Up

The Classic Trousers

The Super Flattering Tank Top

The Sweatshirt



The Perfect Black Booties

The Dad Sneakers

The Forever Bag

The Updated Cat-Eye Sunglasses

The Perfect Everyday Flats

The Statement Gold Bracelet


The Must-Have Newborn Product

The Best Onesies Ever

The Actually Chic Mommy Bag

The 3-In-1 Booster Seat

The Best Activity Jumper

The Adorable and Affordable Crawl Mat

The Bathtime Favorite

The Best Breast Pump

The Supplement to Increase Breast Milk


The Eco-Friendly Plastic Bag Alternative

The Only Earphones You Need

The CINC Approved Candle

The Only Probiotic You Need


The Dream Come True

Did your favorite products make the list? Let me know below!

Photography by Karla Ticas
Location: Proper Hotel Santa Monica
Sunglasses: Mango | Tank: Vince