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The Three Jewelry Trends to Wear All Season

There are a lot of ways to pull an outfit together, especially amidst the holiday season. Whether it’s with the perfect pair of boots or the perfect coat… I think there’s a subtle cherry-on-top moment that can often get overlooked sometimes: jewelry!

I know it sounds so simple, but the perfect accessory can really turn a look around! My relationship with jewelry has been an interesting journey, that has really been a reflection of my personal style. Once upon a time, I was obsessed with big bold colorful jewels, then it transformed into dainty feminine pieces, and now I’m all about the statement gold pieces.

Keep scrolling to check out the jewelry I’m loving right now, and the jewelry trends I’ll wear all season:



Shashi Chain Cuff Bracelet

Something about a thick chain commands attention! I love that it adds such a bold element to a simple look. Since this is the season of chunky knits, I like being able to wear jewelry that won’t get lost in what I’m wearing.

Shop Thick Chain Jewelry

  • Big Oval Chain Earrings ZOË CHICCO
  • Round Link Chain Bracelet LOREN STEWART
  • sliced scallops chain bracelet KATE SPADE NEW YORK
  • Chain Link Collar Necklace BP.
  • Double Link Chain Bracelet KENDRA SCOTT



LOREN STEWART Herringbone 10-karat gold necklace

A gold herringbone necklace is such a simple and beautiful piece of jewelry. Of course, depending on the kind of gold you get, it can turn from a fun necklace to an investment piece – but no matter how you spin it, a herringbone necklace is a timeless classic and it’s here to stay.

Shop Herringbone

  • ARGENTO VIVO Herringbone Necklace
  • Maya Snake Chain Necklace SET & STONES
  • Nic Snake Chain Choker ELLIE VAIL
  • Herringbone Chain Bracelet LOREN STEWART
  • Zoë Chicco 14K Yellow Gold Herringbone Chain Necklace

Statement Sparkle

DANNIJO Elsie Earrings


Wearing sparkly nighttime jewelry during the day is such a fun way to add a little bit of whimsy to whatever you’re wearing. If you prefer to keep the statement sparkle pieces for a night out, then what better time to break them out than the holidays?

Shop Statement Sparkle

  • Imitation Pearl & Jewel Collar Necklace RACHEL PARCELL
  • ELIZABETH COLE Crystal Fringe Earrings
  • BaubleBar Delphinus Drop Earrings
  • DANNIJO Julia Earrings
  • J.Crew Mixed gem statement necklace

Which jewelry trend is your favorite? Do you have any new jewelry pieces that you’re loving? Drop a comment down below and let me know!

Photography by Karla Ticas