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Colette's 1st Birthday - Meaningful Birthday Traditions

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m sure a lot of you saw some sneak peeks already from my Instagram this weekend, but I’m so excited to share Colette’s 1st birthday with you all! Honestly, we were not completely sure if we wanted to do another big “Dol” celebration for Colette as we did with Chloe, but in the end, we were so happy we did. It was such a special day full of so many friends and family, and so many people helped make it a success. Allen and I were so happy we were able to upkeep the Korean tradition of celebrating a huge milestone such as the Baek-Il (100 Days) and “Dol” aka 1 year celebration (I can’t believe Chloe’s 1 year celebration was already 4 years ago). It’s important to us that we upkeep the heritage and traditions from both of their cultures.

Design and Styling by: Davina Kim

Colette’s hanbok was bought in Korea by Umma Lim, my hanbok is by Hanbokbidanhyang


Anyway, for those of you that don’t know what “DOL” is, it’s a ceremony that blesses the baby with a prosperious future and still takes on great significance in Korea today where the baby wears a hanbok (as pictured on Colette and myself) or a traditional hat.


It may sound so cliché, but Allen and I couldn’t stop saying “it’s going by so fast” to our guests. Yes, of course it always goes by fast in hindsight, but especailly with a second child, it literally felt like the party was over in the blink of an eye. We cannot believe that Colette is already 1, and the fact that she is full on WALKING everywhere is a lot to take in!  

I’m not going to get too sentimental in this post as I’m going to save that for another time, but I’ve never enjoyed motherhood as much as I have this time around. To say that Colette is a happy and chill baby is an understatement. She is already so independent, such a great sleeper, a great eater and a pro smiler! I hate to brag about her as I know ever child has different temperments (I mean we definitely experienced that with Chloe), but we feel so blessed to have her as our child.

Florals by: Milieu Florals, Backdrop and Tables by: Iron Grace Rentals

Name Sign and Engraved Signage: Letterstou, Stationery printing by: Direct Press Inc.

I’ll admit – it did cross my mind to not throw Colette a big 1st birthday party because these kinds of parties require so much prepwork and planning, but I’m so glad we did it and ultimately, we couldn’t give Chloe a big 100th day party and leave Colette out. 

Honestly, I owe it all to my desinger Davina Kim who is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met! I literally got on one phone call with her and she handled EVERYTHING. She is such a visionary and thinks outside of the box. She does all sorts of events but specializes in traditional Korean ceremonies. 

She told me that traveling to Korea had helped her appreciate our culture even more and motivated her to introduce and spread our culture by incorporating these traditional treasures and handmade work into first birthday events.

She said she was so excited when I mentioned that I wanted to stick to a more deeply-rooted traditional design for Colette’s Doljanchi (Korean First Birthday) because nowadays, it’s more common for families living in the States to go for a modernized design and theme, where we see less and less of the handicrafts that represent our culture. She knew she wanted to bring back the beautiful handmade goods that our parents’ generation were known for and really embrace it.

So, in honor of keeping culture and family traditions fully alive, please see how we spent the day and see what item Colette picked that will “determine her future.”


Davina’s vision for Colette’s Dohl was the traditional marketplaces in Korea hence all the woven baskets and dried flowers. She went to Korea to get some inspiration and brought it back and added a modern twist to it. How creative and thoughtful right?? We decided to go with these beautiful rustic tones that are rich but also feminine at the same time. 

I literally screamed when I saw it all come together. The details that went into every detail was insane. From the main birthday bojagi cake and details on Colette’s smash cake set by Angela of CandyApple Cakes and Cindy of Sweet Lee Made, rice cakes with patterns made from dates, sunflower seeds and pine nuts by Angela of Candy Apple Cakes, mini desserts by Kiki of Sweets by Keeks, a sheet cake and baked smash cake by Jennifer of Candy Clay Cupcakes, catering by Shin Mi Catering, all the beautiful rustic florals by Milieu Florals,  colors, calligraphy & signage from Letterstou, Stationery Printing by Direct Press Inc, photgraphy by Joy Yi, rentals by MTB Event Rentals, live portraits by Chasing Linen, a mobile playground from Little Elephants Kids Place, Cotton Candy by Skinny Puf, Balloon Art and Face Painting by Simply Wild Party, and custom backdrop and tables from Iron Grace Rentals. It literally takes a village and this village made the most AMAZING vision come to life!  It was a true masterpiece and I’ve never seen anything like it before!

Also, planning a dohl is like planning a mini wedding! I’m not joking! All the planning & coordination from Made and Co Designs and Simply Sera Events made this day go by so smoothly!

Planning and Coordination: Made and Co Designs and Simply Sera Events


Little Elephant Kids Place was THE biggest hit for all the kids no matter their age. We initially got a bounce house for the big kids and the soft play area from Little Elephant Kids Place for the babies, but all the big kids ended up in this area as well! Parents were so thankful that we had a corner where they could safely put their kids and where they would throughly be entertained. From the building blocks, to the ball pit, to all the soft areas – it’s safe to say all the kids were having a blast and were entertained for hours!

Live Art Portraits by: Chasing Linen

Rentals by: MTB Event Rentals

A very special thank you to Shin Mi Catering for feeding us and keeping us all full and happy!

Traditional Rice Cakes and Favors by: Candy Apple Cakes

My hair by Amanda Lee of Mane Addicts

Colette picked the stethoscope which means she’s destined to a doctor!

Cotton Candy Skinny Puf

We wanted to give our guests and their kids treats but something that was guilt-free but equally delicious! This cotton candy from Skinny Puf is made with USDA organic sugar, certified vegan, no dye, and all natural ingredients making it a way better option to have at kids parties. They also have really fun flavors such as: coconut, caramel, honey bean, honey sesame, lemonade, lychee coffee, pineapple, lychee sea salt!

Balloon Art & Face Painting

Simply Wild Party was a hit for all the kids! They brought the chicest balloons and facepaints. Honestly, I have never seen such chic & elegant face painting before! I met these ladies at one of Larua Iz’s events and absolutely loved their work. They are so talented and do some of the best work I’ve seen! 

Phography: Joy Yi | Joy Theory Co.

Live Art Photos

I’ve been friends with Chasing Linen for a while now and when she told me about this whole “live art” concept, I thought it was brilliant. They were able to sketch & create watercolor family portraits for our guests. Instead of a traditional goodie bag for the kids we wanted our guests to leave the party with something meaningful that they would keep. I was so happy to see the guests super surprised and excited about their custom illustrations. Consider Live Art illustration for your guests at your next event whether it be for a birthday or a wedding! It’s so special.


Another huge and special thank you to everyone who made Colette’s dol such a fun and successful party! We couldn’t have done it without you and Happy Birthday to my Sweet Colette.




Phography: Joy Yi | Joy Theory Co.

Design + Styling: Made by Davina Kim

Planning and Coordination: Made and Co Designs and Simply Sera Events

Custom backdrop and tables: Iron Grace Rentals

Florals: Milieu Florals

Bartending by: Martini Girls

Main birthday bojagi cake and details on Colette’s smash cake by: Candy Apple Cakes and Sweet Lee Made

Rice cakes with patterns made by: Candy Apple Cakes

Sheet cake and baked smash cake by: Candy Clay Cupcakes 

Mini desserts by: Sweets by Keeks

Name Sign and Engraved Signage: Letterstou

Stationery Printing: Direct Press Inc.

Rentals: MTB Event Rentals

Catering: Shin Mi Catering


Live Art Portraits: Chasing Linen

Mobile Playgrond: Little Elephants Kids Place

Cotton Candy: Skinny Puf

Balloon Art and Face Painting: Simply Wild Party

My Look

Hair: Amanda Lee of Mane Addicts

Hanbok: HanBokBiDanHyang

Jewelry: Givenchy

Colette’s Look

White Dress: Oscar de la Renta

Smash Cake Outfit: Petals For Tasi

Hair accessoires: Everhart Co

Hanbok: bought in Korea by Umma Lim

Chloe’s Look

Hair: Amanda Lee of Mane Addicts

Dress: Marlo Kids