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Packing for a trip, no matter how long you’re gone for, can be very stressful. Since I am always on the go, I decided to take all the guesswork out of packing for you and created the perfect list of all the in-flight essentials you’ll need for your next trip.

When traveling in air, there’s a whole new added layer of pressure to make sure you have everything you need before take-off that’s fully packed into something you can shove under the seat in front of you. You also want to make sure you have all juice ready so that all of your tech devices are fully charged and so you can charge while you’re on the go because there’s nothing worse than realizing you’re in a new place and your phone is dead.

As September marks Fashion Month and the biggest travel day of the year is upon us (hello, Thanksgiving) – I thought I’d put together everything you need for the next time you’re hopping on a plane. So, get your carry-on ready, set your alarm to check-in your flight, and keep scrolling to check what my must-have in-flight essentials are:


In-Flight Essentials

There are a few things you’ll always need when you travel…

The Perfect Carry-On

Finding the perfect carry-on is essential to a seamless day of travel. You need something that you can pack everything into, easy to carry, is sturdy, can be easily wheeled through security, and is something that you can put in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you with no problem. If you’re into totes, I’d recommend something like this one or this one. They’re both big enough to carry everything you need but small enough to fit under the seat. If you need something sturdier, then this train case from CalPak is a lifesaver!

Eye Mask & Neck Pillow

If you’re planning to sleep on your flight, then a neck-pillow and eyemask are crucial so why not make it silk. A comfortable neck pillow is the difference between good sleep and a sore neck, and an eye mask is essential for shutting out the light and falling to sleep! I don’t travel like to travel without these.


This is a no brainer, but you have to travel with your wallet! I like traveling with a cardcase because it’s small and compact and easy to throw into different bags. If you’re more of a travel-wallet kind of jet setter, I’d like to recommend this one here!


Believe it or not, sunglasses can actually come in handy when you’re on a plane and the worst thing is to wake up the next day and realize you forgot your shades. I usually keep my sunnies on me at all times, but when your neighbor or someone across the aisle decides to not close their window and the sunlight hits you right in your eyes, it’s nice to have them nearby.

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Tech Must-Haves

Make sure you can plug-in anywhere…

All Your Chargers & Attachments

Pack! Your! Chargers! Laptop charger, phone charger, your external battery charger, e-reader charger, USB adapter… there are a lot of wires to keep track of! Depending on what you use and what you need… make sure you’re not stuck without sufficient juice.


I don’t travel without an external battery anymore. It’s saved my butt on so many occasions! This one from Mophie is an all-around favorite because it’s lightweight, slim, compact and has the iPhone charger already attached to it so there’s no messy cord.


Earphones, airpods, whatever you use… don’t forget them at home! They’re the ultimate in-flight essentials. Being able to listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks is a great way to pass the time in-flight.


If you’re traveling internationally, the first thing you should put in your bag is an adapter! While packing it in the suitcase you checked in, (if you checked one in) is great- I like to have one in my carry on as well JUST IN CASE.

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In-Flight Beauty Favorites

In-flight beauty is so much fun! I don’t know what it is about the cute little travel-sized products but it gets me so excited and I absolutely love the feeling of having moisturized skin once I land.

Hand Sanitizer

Planes are SO germy and a big reason why people always get sick while traveling because you’re more susceptible to bacteria everywhere. Everyone’s coughing and sneezing so I don’t travel without some wipes and hand sanitizer. While a generic sanitizer can be picked up at the drugstore gets the job done, I’m so obsessed with the Rinse-Free Hand Wash from Byredo! It keeps your hands feeling soft, smells like a dream, and come on…how chic is it?

Hand Lotion

Traveling in air dehydrates all of your skin, so keeping every part of myself moisturized is important – including my hands. Hand lotion can instantly quench your dry hands and is a great way to feel a little refreshed post-flight as well. Plus, if your hair is looking a little frizzy, you can use the leftover product on your hands to smooth your hair.

Under Eye Mask

If you remember from this picture here, I love wearing under-eye masks on flights! They keep my eyes from getting puffy and dry during and after the flight and are a great way to pamper yourself a little bit. There are a lot of under-eye masks out there, but these from Chanel are some of my favorites! Not only do they help with under-eye bags, but they’re firming, lifting and look SO CHIC! For a more affordable and natural option, these from KNC Beauty are great.

Lip Balm & Face Spray

In efforts to stay as hydrated as possible on my flight, a moisturizing lip balm and a refreshing mist are must-haves for me. Normally, my lips get so dry on their own, so on a long haul flight, I need all the help I can get. A face mist is also a great way to get a little bit of moisture on your face before, during, and after your flight. It’s my favorite way to freshen up right when I land. A few spritzes really go a long way.


I always like to travel with deodorant in my carry-on. If you’re on a red-eye, chances are you won’t be smelling the best 11 hours later. Being able to use my face mist and some deodorant after a long flight makes me feel so much more like myself.


Yes, you still need sunscreen on a plane – ESPECIALLY if you’re a window seat kind of person. You’re getting more exposure to UVA rays, so while you probably won’t get a sunburn, UVA rays go deep into your skin and can cause sunspots and wrinkling- NO THANKS! Layer up with some sunscreen and thank me later. It’s one of those the in-flight essentials you didn’t know you needed!

Intimate Wipes

Yet another way to freshen up after a long flight is with some intimate wipes! They freshen up ~down there~ and also are great to have on hand during your trip if you’re doing a lot of walking and tend to get sweaty! These from DeoDoc are pH-balanced and help to neutralize odor and gently cleanse!

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So, where are you headed to next? Do you have any in-flight essentials that have been a lifesaver? Drop a comment down below and let me know!

Photography by Karla Ticas

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