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Packing Tips - Just In Time for July 4th Weekend

Happy Humpday, Everyone!

Tomorrow, pool parties, fireworks, and that red, white, and blue fête we RSVP-ed yes to await. Nothing excites my extroverted self more than being able to hang out with my friends and family while pigging out on some brisket in one hand and an ice-cold beverage in the other. So ladylike – I know. 

Anywho, as much as our political climate is stressing me out right now, being afforded the freedom of speech I have on this site is something I don’t take lightly and I’ll be reflecting on that while celebrating throughout the long weekend.

What will you be up to? You can BBQ hop, bake a delicious red, white and blue cheesecake like our girl Tieghan did and/or binge-watch season three of Stranger Things dropping on Netflix. With the (hopefully) three day work week, you can be as productive or as lazy as you want and no one will be judging you – promise.

Now, as much as I am ALL ABOUT binge-watching a really good Netflix series in a single day, I encourage you all to pack up your things and get away to experience a new city, vibe, feeling – even if it’s just for the day! Pack your necessities and get your adventure on. Just don’t forget to pack the SPF!

I recently booked an Airbnb in Joshua Tree for the very first time. My fiancé finally let me plan him a birthday weekend after seven years so I knew everything had to be on POINT because I’ve been waiting our whole relationship to plan this getaway (may/may not be sarcastic here).

The last thing I needed to stress about was making sure I’d packed everything for the 90-degree heat ahead. Easy solution? Mesh packing cubes. I don’t know how I’ve lived so long without using these to stay organized throughout my travels. Each cube can separately store my undergarments, beauty products, swimsuits, shirts and whatever else I need to stay organized. Plus, we all know how much it sucks to have to waste time packing/repacking, not to mention the meltdowns when you could be L-I-V-I-N-G!

Here are some other packing tips I have to maximize fun during your weekend travels and ensure you’re not stuck packing and stressing the F out:


  • Make a list of what you need and organize them by category (food/toiletries/clothes/pettycash)
  • Don’t forget your charger or your mophie. No one likes people who steal their chargers or need to borrow their juice. PS – the larger your power adapter is, the quicker your phone charges
  • Only pack 1 pair of “going out” shoes because let’s be honest – you’ll always gravitate towards your favorite, most comfy pair of heels
  • Listen to a playlist while you pack to set the mood. Here’s my 2019 playlist I’ve been listening to nonstop
  • If CBD is legal in your state, bring it. It’s non-psychoactive which means you don’t get a body high and it helps calm you down. Traveling to a new place with a group can sometimes be stressful and who knows when you’ll need that extra boost of chill
  • If you’re a coffee enthusiast like I am, bring your own beans and french press so you don’t wake up grumpy in search of that morning cup of liquid gold
  • Bring lightweight and breathable bags for your used undies/socks and remember which is the clean bag and which is which. Shoe bags work great for this
  • Invest in travel sized skincare. Not only does it take up less space but you’ll be glad you bought it. We’ve all experienced that painful moment of realization when we find  our full-sized leaked goods had spilled inside our bags
  • Bring a Stasher bag for your wet clothes or snacks. This bag is made of platinum silicone – the créme de la créme of reusable bags. It’s microwave safe, oven strong, dishwasher safe, can be cooked in, put in the freezer…need I go on?
  • If you’re a light packer, invest in a smart weekender tote like this one that stashes your shoes on the bottom, ensuring that your clothes don’t get any outside dirt and dust on them. 

So, who’s ready to go on a little adventure this weekend? I generally love booking an Airbnb because I like more of the homey/creative vibe you get with it and the opportunity to cook a good ass meal. I also like big slumber party vibes with your closest friends (Melrose Place, anyone?) But, if you’re in a bind and don’t want to deal with the logistics of an Airbnb and host, try using Hotel Tonight for a discounted hotel rate last minute and get the best bang for your buck.

So, get your excursions on and report back on all the fun memories you’ve made! Have a happy and safe 4th of July holiday, everyone! 

x Jane

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