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Why I Co-Sleep With My Toddler

I admit it – I sleep with my 4-year-old…

I never thought I would be writing about this, not to mention that never in my lifetime did I ever think I would still be sleeping with my 4-year-old, but here I am. I always told myself that I would neverrrrrrrr be one of “those” parents that would sleep with their kids, but you know what they say… never say never.

Allen and I successfully sleep trained Chloe when she was about 2 years old, which was really difficult because, by that time, she was cognizant and old enough to understand what was going on. We pushed through, and after a few weeks, we successfully were able to get Chloe to sleep in her own room through the night- click here to see how we did it. It was amazing and we felt so accomplished! It was my goal to get her to sleep in her own room before we had our next child. Sadly, it was when we moved out of our house for the remodel that everything just went right out the window.

We were lucky enough to stay at my mother-in-law’s place where they had an extra room for all of us to share during the remodel and my 2nd pregnancy. Everyone thought I was so crazy to be pregnant and living with my in-laws in one room but to me, there was no better time to get the house renovated than before Colette came. 

Translation: Allen, Chloe, and I were all of us together… in one room… with one bed, for 6 months straight! We knew that this would set us back but we had no other choice. Mind you, I was pregnant with Colette at the time so it was technically 4 of us in one bed. It was… interesting to say the least.

We knew that it would be super hard to get her back into her own bed alone after this experience. Nonetheless, Chloe LOVED sleeping with us. Believe it or not, we actually loved it just as much as she did! Though I have to admit, it was challenging for Allen and I to have any privacy. Since Colette was born while we were still crashing at Allen’s parents’ house, there was zero downtime to ease Chloe back into sleeping on her own when we finally moved back into our place. So we resigned to continue co-sleeping.

Though I will say, I am extremely happy to let you know that we have successfully sleep-trained Colette! (Check out how we did it here!) It’s hard to say if we’ll end up co-sleeping with her as well, especially at this stage. So many unexpected things can happen! As of now, Colette is successfully sleeping in her own room and we’ll continue to keep that going as she gets older. Who knows -maybe one day Colette and Chloe will want to sleep in the same room together!

Co-sleeping really works for us right now, and I get that it might not work for a lot of families. So many of these parenting decisions have to be based on what works best for you, your family and your lifestyle. I’m just here to share what works for mine! It’s been amazing to see how confident Chloe acts now—she’s a lot more social as well. I can’t say it’s 100% due to co-sleeping, but I do believe that she feels extremely secure that I’m around and she knows I will always be there for her.

Some benefits of co-sleeping include:

1. They get more sleep.
2. Better immune system.
3. They feel closer to you.

If you’re interested in reading more about co-sleeping, be sure to check out this book here. Also, I really enjoyed reading this article here and here!

PS: If you missed Colette’s nighttime routine, check it out here!


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