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Beach Bag Necessities

Are you more of a pool person or a beach person?

With summer basically here, (can you believe it’s June already?!) it’s about that time for summer vacationsweekend road trips and balmy days laying in the sand or on a pool floatie with your beverage of choice. Of course, you know the basics by now, and by that, I mean sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen and also sunscreen. Yes, even when it’s overcast out because you can still get sunburnt with UVB rays and yes you should be wearing it every day even when you’re flying.

I’m headed off to somewhere tropical this summer (hint, hint: it’s one of my favorite places to go on a family vacation) so I’m already mentally listing everything I need to be packed and ready to for whenever I hit the water.

Wherever you end up on a warm summer day, you’ll probably have a tote bag filled with all of your necessities but how do you pack your beach bag like a pro? Don’t worry, the CINCteam and I have you covered. We’ve included and listed everything you need and everything you didn’t know you needed in order to have the PERFECT beach or pool day.

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The Bag

Kaleo Tote

Meet the ultimate beach bag. First thing's first, it's only $58 and screams summer fun. It's got a drawstring closure which you don't see on a lot of macramé totes, and you can easily flip the lining inside out to shake out any excess sand!


If you're headed to a tropical vacation this summer, it's also important to bring a beach bag that can easily squish down into a suitcase or one that can even be used as your carry-on on the plane! This one ticks all the boxes. 

Shop the Kaleo tote here, and be sure to check out even more of my beach/pool bag picks down below! 

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Inside the Bag



We preach a lot about sunscreen here at TCF, and I don’t think we’ll ever stop because you know we’re always looking out for your skin! Our pick for this summer- the 100% Mineral Sunscreen Mist SPF 30 from Supergoop! It’s a great basic all over sunscreen and it’s super easy to apply. The non-aerosol mist is great as an easy base coat and for all those times you find yourself reapplying sunscreen but feel a little sticky from the sand. It’s also 80-minute water resistant, making it great for all skin types! Just remember to give it a good shake before spraying for a nice even mist.

Other favorites include the Unseen Sunscreen also from Supergoop, Tatcha Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen, and the Sunbum Sunscreen Lotion.

After Sun 

Your skin is always dry after a day in the sun, so to give it a boost of moisture (and if you’re slightly sunburnt- relief) I reach for the After Sun Body Soother from the Ouai! It’s made with aloe, cucumber extract, and rose hip oil, which are all soothing and hydrating, and it comes out as a foam to cool you down from being in the sun! You can even use it to cool down after a regular workout. Genius!

Other after sun soothers I love are the After Sun spray from Herbivore and the Aloe Gel from SunBum! (PRO-TIP: keep the aloe gel in the fridge at home for extra cooling goodness.)


This might seem like a weird thing to have in your beach bag, but deodorant is a must. Think about it this way- you’re out in the sun sweating, you’ve jumped into the pool and or ocean to cool down, and all of that has probably washed off your deodorant. We don’t need to be sharing that B.O with everyone around us! Keeping some deodorant in your bag ensures that you won’t smell by the end of the day, and you’ll have a little boost of freshness. Right now, I’m loving this clean deodorant from Agent Nateur!


As I mentioned before, your skin will probably be dry AF after a day in the sun, so a little hand lotion goes a long way! Use it on your hands, your elbows… anywhere that feels parched. The one in these photos is a travel sized lotion from the Aesop Jet Set Kit!

Some other hand lotions the CINCteam recommends are the Lanolips Coconutter Hand Cream Intense , Super Handy by Go-To and the Supergoop! Forever Young Hand Cream with SPF!

Face Mist

I always have a face mist in my bag, and I’m currently loving the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist because of the fine mist tip and how light it feels. The girls on the CINCteam swear by it, and it really does feel amazing and is made up 3 Japanese superfoods: green tea, rice, and algae. It’s a great little refresher and instantly cools you down. One of the reasons the Tatcha mist has been my go-to recently is that it’s just as moisturizing as it is soothing, which feels amazing when you’re out and about all day!

Other favorite face mists include the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and the Rosewater Facial Spray from Mario Badescu.


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Fashion / Accessories


Sun damage is real, so I’m taking every measure possible this summer to avoid it. Of course, you need to be wearing, everyone say it with me now… sunscreen but you should probably throw on a hat, too! You can never have too much sun protection, plus if you have a hat on, you won’t be squinting, aka – crows feet and wrinkles. This cute visor from Lack of Color is a great way to keep the sun out of your face and out of your eyes all while looking super chic.


Sandals are one of my favorite things to break out come summertime. Everyone has a specific style that they love… lace up, slip on, flip-flop, pool slide… Personally, I love slip-ons like these and flip flops like these cute sandals from LOQ that Hannah is wearing! They’re a little dressed up and don’t feel too casual.


While I love a good investment pair of sunglasses, there’s something to be said for an affordable pair that you can throw into your beach/pool bag and not worry too much about them. These from Quay are perfect! They’re a classic shape, super affordable, and you’ll be wearing them all season long.


Some people prefer to go sans jewelry when they’re at the pool or the beach, but if I don’t wear my pieces, I feel a little naked! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I always have necklaces on, like my personalized necklaces from byChari! Something simple like the gold chains that Hannah is wearing from Mejuri work perfectly because they aren’t cumbersome and still look chic and are made of real gold so you don’t have to worry about them rusting!


The best kind of cover-ups are the ones that can take you from the beach to the street without being half naked. Easy dresses like this one and this one are perfect to throw into your beach bag, feel lightweight and keep you looking nice and cool.


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Airpods are a total game changer and I’m so happy the girls on my team turned me on to them! They’re really comfortable to wear, and when you’re laying out– you don’t have to worry about the pesky cord getting in the way or even possibly getting a weird tan around your face or neck. I like to listen to podcasts even when I sunbathe – and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the podcasts I’ve been listening to.

Portable Charger

There’s nothing worse than a dead phone battery…on the BEACH when you’re sun-drained so, a portable charger is 100% a beach bag essential AND travel essential. This one from Mophie is super thin and light, and can recharge your phone on the go!

Stasher Silicon Bag

While not *exactly* tech, it is a tech saver! My girl Eva Chen actually introduced me to the silicon Stasher bags and let me tell you, they’re the BEST. In efforts to be more green and use less single-use plastic, these Stasher bags are non-toxic, made of 100% pure platinum silicone, great for snacks, fruit, and is airtight – which means no water is getting in. You can also throw your phone, your Airpods, and your Mophie in one so they don’t get wet AND bring an extra along for a wet bathing suit. It’s also dishwasher safe which is great but the only semi-downfall is – is that they’re a little harder to clean but hey – it’s worth it!


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Do you have any beach bag essentials you can’t live without? Would any of my mommies out there want to see a refreshed list everything I bring when traveling with a toddler? Let me know down below and have a great weekend!

PS: Shout out to my girl Hannah for modeling! If you missed her last post about the best summer accessories for under $100, be sure to check it out!

Photography by Karla Ticas
Swim Suit Top: Eberjey (Similar Here) | Skirt: Aritzia

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