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More Assumptions About Me

Happy Monday, everyone!

If you caught my most recent Catchin’ Up with Chris episode, you saw that I answered some assumptions about me! It was so much fun to read and answers them for the video that I thought I’d answer a few more for the blog since I got so many questions.

It really had me thinking about how crazy social media can be, and how so much of what you see is a highlight reel… there’s so much more that goes on behind the scenes that no one ever sees!

Keep scrolling to read my answers to more assumptions about me!

Question:  You Don’t Buy Cheap Clothes / All Your Clothes Are Beautiful

Answer: I actually do buy a lot of inexpensive clothes. Although I get sent a lot of nice pieces, some of my favorite purchases that I wear nonstop are actually from Amazon and Target. I like mixing highs and low when styling my normal day-to-day looks.

Q: You’re bougie AF

A: Lol am I?

Q: Did you find a good nanny

A: Yes! I found a new nanny and am so thankful for her because she is the sweetest and actually lives close by. 

Q: You Wear the Pants in Your Relationship

A: Allen and I are totally 50/50.

Q: Negative Comments Don’t Affect You

A: I try to not let them get the best of me but I’m only human — sometimes they hurt my feelings but I try my best to not get consumed by negativity.

Q: That you have major FOMO

A: I actually have JOMO – The Joy of Missing Out! My ideal night is staying in with my family if you can believe it!

Q:  You Don’t Want More Kids

A: To be honest… we have been thinking about a third child but not right now. Am I crazy?!

Q: You’ve Never Gotten A Zit In Your Entire Life

A:  I wish! I had acne as a teen and had so much acne on my chin and chest after having Colette because my hormones were so crazy!

Q:  You Don’t Really Like to Show Your Emotions

A:  This is not the first time I’ve heard this but a lot of people thought I was kind of “cold” before they met me. Being with Allen has definitely made me softer, more open and goofier!

Q:  I Assume You Don’t Cook

A: You are right on the money with this one! Thankfully Allen does most of the cooking. What a lucky gal I am!


Did I answer the assumption YOU asked? To hear more assumptions- including my plastic surgery  👀 be sure to watch the latest episode of Catching Up with Chris below!

Featured Photo by Youn Jung Kim

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