LIFESTYLE 2 years ago

Measuring Success

So many things have changed since I started my career.

One of the biggest changes has been how I measure and view success. Just a few years ago, I would measure success by how much money I was making and how well my business was doing, but all of that has shifted.

Once I realized I was able to meet all the goals I set for my businesses and reached them, I found myself feeling a little empty. What was next? What did I expect? Why was I feeling this way? Shouldn’t I have been happier? Where was I supposed to go from here?

I then realized, that to me, success has to mean more than achieving certain goals, numbers or checking things off a to-do list. And, as cheesy as it may sound…I feel like success is as simple as being happy and truly loving what you’re doing. Sure – you’re stressed out here and there, but having my family at home really helped me put everything into perspective.

What good is all this “success” if you don’t have loved ones to share it with and enjoy this journey called life together?

Recently, I was listening to a Tony Robbin’s podcast (for all of my favorite podcasts, check out this post here!) and he was interviewing Michael Phelps. We all know that Michael Phelps is an Olympic Gold Medalist 23 times over, but he went into how common it is for athletes to go into depression after achieving what they had trained their entire lives to do. That notion really hit home for me. Now, I’m no Olympic athlete by any means, but I had spent most of my adult life chasing my dreams, but once I had achieved them… I didn’t know what to do next!

Although it’s so easy to put a certain number on success – whether that’s a certain idealistic number you think you should have in your bank account, a number of followers, or even a number on a scale… I’ve felt such a big weight was lifted off my shoulders since I changed my mindset and started to measure success with a different lens: happiness.

Whether it’s the rare little moments I get alone with Allen when the girls are asleep, or watching Chloe and Colette cuddle in the mornings, or even having laugh attacks with my team at lunch… remembering to be present and enjoying these times in life are what truly makes me happy.

So follow your dreams, but follow your happiness, too! It’s not about balance, it’s about finding harmony in everything you do.

How do you define and measure success? Do you feel like you met your expectations or put unrealistic expectations of success on yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this in the comments below!

Photography by Karla Ticas