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Happy Mother's Day 2019

Happy Mother’s Day!

This year marks my first Mother’s Day as a mom of two, and it’s amazing how much more connected I feel to my own mom. So far, raising two girls has been incredible, and I’m so happy I have my mom to look up to in that way. I know there will be many challenges and crazy days ahead, but looking back on my own childhood with my sister Jane, it makes me that much more excited for my girls to grow up together and have that sister bond.

Growing up, I never truly understood just how important it was to celebrate Mother’s Day. I mean, I knew it was a big day, sure… but now, there’s so much more that I understand and sympathize with now that I’m a mother of two. Looking back, I wish my sister and I had celebrated my mom a little bit more on  Mother’s Day.

For me, there is no greater gift than being a mother. Everyone has their own path they’re on, but I’m so happy mine has included two amazing little girls! With little ones of my own, I feel so blessed to be able to raise them and I feel an even bigger responsibility to try and be a great role model for them!

I love watching how independent Chloe is becoming. She has gladly taken on the role of being the older sister and loves to do things on her own – she especially loves to dress herself in the mornings. Thankfully, her favorite thing to put on just so happens to be what I’d want to dress her in anyway- her Monnalisa dresses! So naturally, I like to dress Colette in a coordinating look. In this story, Colette is wearing the Tulle Dress with Bows and the Plumetis Tulle Dress. How precious do they look together?

They’re such sweet dresses, and Chloe loves wearing fun prints and colors! She’s wearing the Printed Tulle Dress herewhich she loves because it reminds her of Princess Elsa. They’ve also held up against a very active four-year-old running around, which is pretty incredible considering how energetic Chloe is.

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Though life definitely does not always look like the girls and myself prancing in a sea of flowers wearing gorgeous dresses, this day was so special because we were able to capture such special moments. More often than not, there are days when I want to pull my hair out from the endless meltdowns, tantrums and diaper changes and my never-ending to-do list. Sometimes, I wish I could just put everything on pause and have a moment to myself, but then I see their sweet little faces and I know I wouldn’t want it any other way. Watching Chloe and Colette grow up together has not only taught me patience (lots and lots of patience) but it’s also revealed a whole new side of me that I didn’t know I had.

So, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful mama’s out there! Tell your mother you love her today (well, tell her every day… but especially today)! Who run the world? Girls!

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Photography by Karla Ticas