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My Realistic Morning Routine

My typical morning routine doesn’t look the way it used to…

With two little girls, mornings are officially the craziest time for me. Colette is usually crying and Chloe needs to get ready for school making things really chaotic but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

So today, I wanted to share what a realistic morning actually looks like for me. Keep scrolling to take a peek into my camera roll and discover that it might not be as glamorous as you might think – let alone glamorous at all.

6 AM

Chloe starts moving around at 6 am but doesn’t fully wake up until around 6:30. I actually co-sleep with Chloe, but I’ll talk about that in another post.

7 AM

At 7 am on the DOT, Chloe will wake me up. I wish I could tell you that I wake up an hour before my kids to work out, meditate or journal- but to be totally honest, I’d rather try to get as much sleep in as possible! I wake up when Chloe wakes up. Once Chloe and I are up, a little bit after 7, Colette wakes up as well, so I go to Colette’s room and I take her to Chloe’s.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that this is when they get to have their sister time together. We hang out in bed for about 30 minutes- which is pretty much 30 minutes of Chloe smothering Colette with hugs and kisses! I love that they get to spend quality time with each other every morning.

Then, I’ll put her hair into a braid or a ponytail and I’ll change Colette’s diaper. Getting Colette ready at this point is all about diapers and her Magnetic Me Onesies! There’re the only onesies I’ll ever use because they have magnetic closures on them as opposed to buttons. It makes changes SO much easier. Actually, scratch that- it makes LIFE so much easier!

8:30 AM

By 8:30, everyone is fed, including myself. Around this time, Colette’s nanny grabs Colette and I get a chance to get dressed for the day. I usually have only about 5 minutes to get dressed so I don’t even bother to put on makeup. I’ll just grab my makeup bag as I’m heading out the door and do it in the car after I drop Chloe off or once I get to the office.

8:45 AM

Out the door to school! Phew!

9 AM

By 9, Chloe’s dropped off at school, and I’m usually on my way to the office or a meeting! This is when I finally have a chance to catch up on podcasts and have some quiet time.

So that’s actually my morning routine. It’s the most chaotic part of my day, but I’m so happy to have a routine down with the girls and we get to spend time all together before we start our days.

What does your morning routine look like? Drop a comment down below and have a great day!

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