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LIFESTYLE 2 months ago

A Year of Learning

Today is my… birthday! And, to be honest… I’ve never been much of a birthday person.

I’ve always avoided celebrating my birthday as there’s always so much pressure and excitement around it. I’m more of an ‘it’s-my-birthday-so-leave-me-alone-at-the-spa’ kind of gal! So, that’s exactly what I’m doing this birthday week at the Miraval Austin resort! I’m 34 years old today, and honestly, it kind of feels like an awkward age. It’s not necessarily your early 30’s nor is it your late 30’s… it just feels like a strange in-between age.

Once upon a time, I used to gauge how good my year was by how many “successes” I had, but now I look at it quite differently. Now I look at how challenged I was because it’s generally during the difficult times when you stretch and when there’s growth. I can say that at 33 years old, I was stretched to my core. I was learning how to manage and multitask with two kids instead of one… and man was that challenging.

Through all of those stretches, I feel like I can handle more now than I ever have before! I’ve learned how to prioritize and say no to things. I’ve also learned to not care about things I’m missing out on (JOMO is real). I can also now multitask like no other! I’ve learned the importance of letting go in order to have other things grow. Knowing that I’m now prioritizing myself, my family, & my relationship feels amazing.

Every morning, I wake up and start off the day by saying what I’m thankful for. Today, I woke up thankful for another year, for my two gorgeous girls, an amazing partner, my good health, and being able to chase my dreams.

Happy Birthday 34th birthday to me! I’m excited to learn even more this year!

As a special toast to my followers, we’re giving away something really special today to one lucky person! Make sure you’re following The Chriselle Factor Instagram account to find out what it is and see how you can win! 🙂

Photography by Emi Rose Website | Instagram | Hair & Makeup by Archangel Chelsea

Top:  Venus V-Neck from the Chriselle Lim Collection

Location: NoMad Hotel DTLA

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A Year of Learning

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