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Best Tips for Traveling with an Infant

It’s been a while since I’ve traveled with an infant, so I forgot how much work it is! I first traveled with Chloe when she was about a year old, but traveling with  Colette at 6 months is a totally different story! I will say- if you want to travel at all after you have a baby, definitely do it before they become mobile. It’s so much easier when they’re younger.

At 6 months old, Colette doesn’t really need too much entertainment. All she really needs is a lot of milk and a whole lot of diapers! Traveling with Chloe means bringing an entire carry-on of toys to keep her occupied, but with Colette, as long as I have a change of clothes, some teething toys and enough milk, diapers, and wipes – she’s all good to fly!

Keep scrolling to read my top tips to travel with an infant:

1. Travel Around Their Sleeping Schedule

One of my biggest tips is to travel when you know your baby will be sleeping! That means, late afternoon/evening flights and red-eyes when you can. Since Colette generally falls asleep at 6 pm, I’ll sometimes take a 3 pm or 4 pm flight so she’ll be awake for the first few hours but then asleep for the rest of the duration of the flight.

2. Ask for a Bassinet

For business or economy international flights, you can usually request a bassinet. You get seated in the front row of whatever cabin you’re in, and let me tell you – that bassinet makes all the difference. Though Colette is almost too tall to comfortably lay in it, you still get a ton more leg room and the bassinet is great for storing all of the odds and ends you have to travel with when you’re toting along an infant.

3. Bring a Boppy

It might be a pain the butt to carry around, but it makes feeding so much more comfortable for you AND your baby. Colette actually ended up falling asleep on the boppy on our flight back from Paris so it was great!

4. Book a Flight that’s Baby-Friendly

Traveling with an infant can already be insane, so finding an airport/airline that’s baby-friendly makes all the difference in the world. I was so happy to team up with Ontario International Airport and China Airlines which is kind of like SoCal’s best-kept secret. Did I mention they have a direct flight to Taipei via China Airlines? The flight is perfect for catching a connection to Bali, Hong Kong, and Singapore!

Everything about the airport is so convenient, especially when you’re traveling with kids. The airport itself has such a super simple layout making it really easy to find and navigate. They also have the option to choose a digital pre-paid parking service or valet and (this is huge) they have a room specifically for Moms! It’s quiet and relaxing which makes feeding so much easier. Plus, they also have a super chic ‘Escape Lounge’ with great food options. The entire staff is so friendly and accommodating there, which makes traveling that much more peaceful.

I’ve actually flown China Airlines a few times before and I’ve always been so happy with my experience. It’s definitely one of the better airlines I’ve flown! When Chloe was a baby we actually flew China Airlines to Asia and everyone was so wonderful and accommodating. The flight attendants played with her and even babysat a little bit while I took a nap. What more could I even wish for from an airline? Plus, being able to fly China Airlines out of the Ontario International Airport is basically getting the best of both worlds. The airport staff is super friendly- and it took only 4 minutes to go through security which was unheard of!

5. Get the Gear

It’s important to find a stroller that’s easy to travel with, and the Doona stroller is absolutely my go-to. With one click, it can instantly transform from a stroller into a car seat, which means you don’t have to travel with both. Colette also loves to be toted around in her carrier like the one I’m wearing in these photos- she just loves to people watch! 

post sponsored by Ontario International Airport and China Airlines. All opinions are my own.

Like I mentioned before, I recommend traveling with your baby while he or she is still an infant because once they become a toddler, you’re going to need to pack an entire suitcase of toys just to keep them entertained! So, long as you’ve got all of the extra odds and ends you need to keep your baby happy- at the end of the day, traveling with an infant is a lot more simple than people think. Though I will say, I’m definitely spoiled with the Ontario International Airport. It might a little further of a drive, but the traffic to get around LAX is so ridiculous that you might even save time when flying out of Ontario! So, to drive just a little bit further to get great parking, great service, great accommodations, and a more peaceful travel setup is totally worth it! 

Photography by Karla Ticas