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LIFESTYLE 1 month ago

Why You Should be Selfish on Valentine’s Day

Oh, Valentine’s Day…

So many people have mixed feelings about February 14th, especially as it looms closer and closer. (Is February flying by already or is that just me)? You either hate Valentine’s Day or love it! You either soak up all of the heart-shaped chocolates out in the universe or you’re the type that rolls your eyes at the abundance of all the mushy lovey-dovey plush stuff out there during this month. Or, you’re like me, and you don’t really care all that much. Like I mentioned in this post here, I haven’t been able to spend time or celebrate with my husband on Valentine’s Day for the past 8 years. At this point, I think I’ve just gotten used to it. While we try to do something special before I leave to NYFW, it now just feels like another day!

Although I’m married, thinking back on all of my past Valentine’s, I never really felt like I needed to be with someone on February 14th (even pre-Allen). So, whether you get to spend it with your significant other or not, the most important thing to do is to remember that you should always be your first love and to always love yourself no matter the day.

I realized that you have to truly love yourself first in order to be able to love the people around you. As a mom, if I don’t love myself and put my mental and physical health first, it affects everything and everyone – including my relationships and my kids. So even though it may sound selfish, just practicing even the smallest acts of self-love in whichever way that works best for you, can make all the difference!

So this February 14th, whether you find yourself with a Valentine or you are your own Valentine, remember that it’s okay to be a little selfish and put yourself first every once in a while and be sure to wish your friends a Happy Valentine’s Day, too! Galentine’s Day is equally as great! 

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Photography by Karla Ticas
Chain Necklace: Catbird | Top: Paige | Earrings: Catbird | Name Necklaces: BYCHARI
Lip: Lancôme x Camila Coelho

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Why You Should be Selfish on Valentine’s Day

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