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Finally Organizing My Life

Once we moved back into our house after the renovations, I was adamant about having some form of organization in place. Now… with two kids (one being a toddler and the other an infant) and fur baby – my beautiful pristine house was sure to fall to chaos in a matter of seconds. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a little mess here and there and the idea that a house should always look “picture perfect” is not only is unrealistic but totally insane! With that being said, having some sort of method to the madness was a must – especially in the places that somehow seem to get the most out of hand and for us, that would be the pantry, the kitchen drawers and Chloe’s closet & toy storage!

With some help from my friends at Life in Jeneral, I was able to finally get my house ORGANIZED. Keep scrolling to see how I did it and maybe learn a few easy tricks to implement them in your own home, too! (PS: You might remember Life in Jeneral helping me with my closet organization in this video here)!

And before I get into the ends and odds of how I actually got everything organized, I have to share something that I learned through this process: it’s easy if you just do it. It can seem daunting at first, I know, trust me. As soon as I was able to filter everything and put everything in a designated place it was like suddenly something clicked in my brain. Having a system for your things… especially a system that works for you and your lifestyle just makes everything so much easier and you can see how to organize everything so much more clearly.


I always tell my CINCteam to work smarter, not harder and that’s the mentality I had when it came to organizing the kitchen space. It’s always so easy to just haphazardly throw things into the cupboard, close the door and be done with it and pretend everything is okay. Taking a little extra time when you’re unloading groceries to put everything into place means you know where everything is, and more importantly, not everything comes tumbling out when you open the cabinet door.

The four main components of my kitchen organization are shelf risers, drawer dividers, clear canisters, and labeled baskets.

Shelf Risers

How many of you have bought something and ended up forgetting about it because it was pushed to the back of your pantry? I have! A shelf riser, like this one, not only makes the best use of your space but also helps you see everything clearly.

Drawer Dividers

A flatware divider is a given, but I had never used one for all of my other drawers! Having all of my cooking utensils organized in something like this and not just thrown in makes finding what I need so much easier. I especially love this knife dock. They keep all my knives organized, makes them super easy to find and keeps the blades sharp and protected.

Clear Canisters

Not only does this help with organization, but it just looks great! Instead of bulky boxes, these clear canisters not only streamline the look but it helps you see exactly what you’re grabbing and how much you have left of everything. A tip I have is to label each of them and be sure to note the expiration date too!

Labeled Baskets

When it comes to things you don’t have in clear canisters, labeled boxes are the easiest way to go. They keep all of Chloe’s snacks perfectly on hand and keep all of your pantry items structured instead of just floating around aimlessly on the shelves.

Tea Drawer

I received SO MANY DM’s about my tea drawer. I showed it to you guys on my Instagram stories a few months back and I’m still getting asked about it! As you guys know, I drink tea all the time and lucky for me, Allen likes making it for me! Since I have a variety of teas, all of the boxes ended up getting littered throughout the kitchen so I knew I needed some sort of system. Enter: the tea drawer.

I lined all of these little boxes through the drawer (similar here!) and stacked all my teas within them! It’s pretty much a tea box in a drawer. All of the labels are easy to read so it makes browsing for the type of tea flavor so much easier.


Chloe’s Closet

What is it about kid’s closets that get so messy beyond comprehension? I knew I needed to extra TLC when it came to organizing Chloe’s closet because this little girl has almost as many clothes and accessories as I do! Labeled baskets like these for her accessories help keep everything in place. It also makes picking out outfits in the morning so much easier! I can just take the entire basket off her shelf for her to look through, and then stick it all back up again when we’re done! Genius.

For Chloe’s drawers where I keep her PJs, t-shirts and such – we started using drawer dividers to keep everything organized. They keep everything in place and folding like this saves SO much space. I even have them for my own drawers- it’s great for underwear and bras!

Have you guys been organizing this year, too? If you haven’t, I hope this post inspired you to start!

Photography by Karla Ticas
Chaos streamlined by Life in JENeral

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