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Beauty 2 weeks ago

I Tried 4 Natural Deodorants So You Don't Have To

Last year, I talked a lot about natural and clean beauty and skincare.

If you missed those posts, click here to check out my clean beauty faves and here to discover my clean skincare faves! It got me wondering what else could I afford to ‘clean up’ in my life? There’s been a lot of hype about natural deodorants recently, so I thought the new year would be the perfect place to start!

First thing’s first- I started with a little research on deodorants…

A traditional deodorant, while helping disguise B.O., can also lead to build up! Basically, a typical antiperspirant works by clogging your pores to prevent sweating and unwanted scents, but all that means is that your sweat is just building up beneath your skin. It can end up giving you bumpy skin and cause irritation. No thanks!

Transitioning to natural deodorant is hard because your body gets used to the aluminum used in traditional deodorants, which stops you from smelling. Note that it takes about a month for your body to adjust, especially if it’s your first time using a natural deodorant. A tip I’ve picked up is to use lemon on your armpits before you put on your natural deodorant so your pores can get adjusted.

While some people benefit from a more prescription strength deodorant, I personally don’t sweat that much so I felt like testing out some natural deodorants would work for me. Actually, before I got pregnant with Chloe, I didn’t even need to wear any!

All in all, here’s the round-up of the few that I tried:

1. Agent Nateur No.3 Deodorant Holi(stick)

Of all the natural deodorants I’ve tried, this one might be my favorite! It’s made with coconut oil, avocado butter as well as vitamin A, D, and E. The formula also has raw honey in it which has antiseptic properties. It lasts all day which is great when I’m constantly running around!

2. Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

I’m a big fan of Malin + Goetz products and I’ve actually used this deodorant a few times before. It’s nice because Allen likes it as well (do you share your deodorant with your significant other or is that a no-no for you?) It’s antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory and made without alcohol, aluminum, parabens, and sulfates. It smells like super refreshing eucalyptus which is a great unisex scent and leaves your armpits feeling nice and cool.

3. Corpus Natural Deodorant

How gorgeous is this packaging? This aluminum and paraben-free deodorant comes in two scents and is a water-based formula made from vegan ingredients plus with natural enzymes. Because it’s water-based, one thing I always made sure to do was to apply it on dry skin!

4. Kopari Coconut Deodorant

This deodorant is CINCteam favorite, as well as the most affordable of the options I tried. It’s made without aluminum and smells like a vacation! It’s cruelty-free, vegan, free of sulfates, parabens, silicone, aluminum, and baking soda. It keeps you feeling fresh all day and seriously works! 

Do you use a natural deodorant? Have you thought about using it? Let me know your thoughts down below!

Photography by Drew Scott
Dress: Paige

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I Tried 4 Natural Deodorants So You Don't Have To

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