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LIFESTYLE 3 months ago

Chloe's 4th Birthday & Colette's 100 Day Party

Over the weekend, we celebrated Chloe’s 4th Birthday and Colette’s 100 Day Celebration!

For those of you who watch Catching Up with Chris on my YouTube channel, you know the dilemma I had about throwing this party. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a shared party or have separate parties for each of the girls. We decided to combine them for a really big party and I’m so glad we did! Chloe can’t stop talking about how much fun she had with her little sister. I know I’ll be able to talk to them about it when they get older- it’s a wonderful moment they were able to share as sisters!

Chloe is obsessed about all things rainbow and unicorns right now, so naturally, the party was rainbow themed! We didn’t overdo it with unicorns but the decorations turned out perfectly! We had flowers by Scarlet Blushes who were able to dye baby’s breath into multiple colors to give it a dreamy atmosphere! Of course, the cake and sweets by Sweet Nothings Cake Shop were just as cute as they were delicious, and on the sweetest paper plates, cups, napkins from Harlow and Grey. We had the coolest backdrops for both Chloe and Colette from Glam Event Stylist and the sweetest name signs from Letters to You– everything looked perfect and magical and yes – it was one hell of a production!

Traditionally in Korean culture, the 100 Day Celebration is a very big deal- so it was incredible that we had all of my family and Allen’s family together. It’s a big milestone for the parents as well because it’s almost as if they are coming out of the of the ‘postpartum’ period as well to have some fun.

It also helps that a lot that our friends are also parents, so everyone brought their kids and it was one big party! There ended up being 50+ kids so we needed solid entertainment for 3 hours. Mesh Kids Co. came through with the coolest ball pit! The kids just threw themselves into it for hours and had the absolute best time. We also had a super fun bounce house, a petting zoo and face painting by Eveline Jho– who also did the amazing chalk wall art! As for keeping the parents entertained and happy, we had the Martini Girls make some super fun unicorn themed drinks. There were also some kid friendly unicorn drinks as well… the kids were so excited about the fun colors and cotton candy!

We got Colette in the traditional Korean costume called a ‘hanbok.’ To be honest, Allen and I were fully prepared for Colette to cry the whole time, since that’s what Chloe did at her 100 Day Party, but she was so chill! She let anyone carry her, and she was awake and observing everything for most of the party, too. Since LA has been so cold and rainy, I hadn’t taken Colette out for a long period of time, so it was so fun to see her intrigued by all the action. She was just in the best mood all day, and I was so happy she was well behaved! In 10-20 years from now, I know Chloe and Colette are going to love having so many cute photos together.

I also wanted to give a big thank you to Sincerely Us Events who pretty much made this entire event happen without me having to worry about a single thing. They designed, coordinated and planned the entire party. If you’re in the LA area and need a party planner, I highly suggest you guys check them out!

Thank you so much to all of our amazing vendors who really made this party one to remember and to everyone who was able to attend!

Another huge shout out to our photographer Joy Yi who captured so many sweet candid moments throughout the day- especially considering Chloe doesn’t like to pose for photos!



Photography by Joy Theory
Event Planned by Sincerely Us Events
Venue: Smoky Hollow Studios

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Chloe's 4th Birthday & Colette's 100 Day Party

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