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Motherhood 2 months ago

Meet Colette

We’re so excited to introduce you guys to the newest addition to our family: Colette Cali Chen!

Colette came into this world on September 27th, 2018 at 11:35 pm weighing 6 lbs and 11oz! It all happened so fast and I can’t wait to tell you all my full birth story! All I have to say is that it was such a different experience than when I had Chloe.

As of now, we are finally back at home. We got dispatched from the hospital yesterday and we’ve been settling into our new life at home with baby Colette. Allen and I were so nervous about Chloe meeting Colette for the first time. We didn’t want her to get jealous or think mommy & daddy didn’t love her anymore… as we’ve heard that is pretty common with the first child.

But, right when Chloe met Colette, she wanted to hold her and was so excited that she was finally here! She kept saying, “my baby is here!” It was seriously the sweetest thing I’ve ever witnessed. Although I’m exhausted, my heart has never been more full. To say we are a family of 4 is a dream come true and life seems to have a new meaning!


I wanted to quickly update you guys on the good news, but once I’m a bit more well rested, I will let you guys in on my full birth story! Please be patient with me as I slow down a bit to enjoy this time with my family and relearn the ways of being a new mom once again!

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Meet Colette

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