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House Renovation Update

So many people have been asking for a house update!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen bits and pieces of the process here and there! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to move back home before Colette arrived… Although we technically could have, we really wanted to take our time getting settled back into our home especially with all the fresh paint. We just wanted everything to be cleared out 100% before we brought the family back in.

So this is the current state as of two weeks ago when we shot these photos at the house. I’ll be revealing as much as I can to you guys over the next few weeks to try and keep you updated in real time! I’m so excited about everything happening because Allen and I have been wanting to do these renovations to the house ever since we bought it 3 years ago! We love how open the floor plan is, especially the living room and kitchen area, but since it was such an old house when we bought it, we never really got the chance to really customize it and make it more modern until we met our interior designer, Erick!

Although, I did feel really crazy when I realized I agreed to start renovation just 3 months shy of my due date, the entire house is pretty much having something done to it. The kitchen is the biggest project by far, but all 4 bathrooms are being totally re-hauled too!

We decided to give Chloe the master bedroom which used to be Allen and my room (which is on the smaller side), Colette now has Chloe’s old room, and we’re transforming the playroom on the first floor into our master room. It’ll give Allen a lot of privacy and separation and we’re really happy to have the kids upstairs together!

I’ve been working with Erick, who’s been so patient and amazing! You might remember that he also helped vamp up our office as well)! He gets my aesthetic, has been taking control of the entire project and I really trust him and his eye so it makes the whole process so much easier.

And well… here we are! More updates coming soon! I can’t wait to show you all the newly finished house when the time comes!

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Photography by Drew Scott
Interior Designer: Maison Trouvaille  Instagram | Website
Sweater: Something Navy