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Pregnancy Safe Skincare

At this point, I think skincare is my middle name!

You guys know how much I love all things skincare, so after seeing how much you guys loved my Nontoxic Makeup post, I naturally had to do one for skincare! Not too long ago, I shared my struggle with hormonal acne from this pregnancy, and through continued research, I found even more products and brands that are non-toxic and very safe.

Keep scrolling to check out my top Pregnancy Safe Skincare Picks:

Tata Harper

I’m sure you guys remember me talking about Tata Harper in this post here! It’s safe to say that I love their skincare as much as I love their makeup. I swear by their oil cleanser to melt my makeup off and really clear out my pores. This brand is also 100% free of toxins, fillers, GMO, artificial colors and synthetic chemicals. What’s not to love?

Youth to the People

This brand is really breaking the mold when it comes to traditional skincare. Created by cousins, Youth to the People is totally vegan and packed with some of the best ingredients and free of sulfates and parabens. Though their entire skincare line is incredible, I’ve been loving this glow oil! It’s crazy hydrating and made with rare super berry antioxidants! If you’re shopping for a great smelling antioxidant cleanser, make sure to try theirs out! It smells incredible and you’ll actually look forward to washing your face with this.


This clean skincare company is invested in more than just skin, they’re also very environmentally conscious. With 100%  recyclable packaging, their skincare is just as good for you as it is for the world! Their products are made without harsh chemicals and made with amazing natural bio-actives. I’ve been using their AHA Tonic to gently brighten and exfoliate, and their Night Time Facial to smooth and moisturize my skin as I sleep!

Zoe Organics

Created for mamas and their families, this organic company doesn’t only have skincare, but nearly everything else under the sun including a whole line dedicated to pregnant mamas! Since you can’t take painkillers when you’re pregnant, headaches can get pretty rough, which is why I’ve turned to their Refresh Oil! It uses aromatherapy to calm and soothe. I always have this stuff in my bag!


This is another noteworthy brand who’s skincare is just as loveable as their makeup. RMS products are made with organic ingredients in their natural state to use the purest and most healing ingredients possible! I like using their makeup-remover wipes when I’m traveling or in a pinch for time! I love that they’re in little individual packets so they fit easily into my bag or carry-on when traveling!


Created by one of the most amazing models, mamas, and businesswomen, Miranda Kerr- Kora is an incredible organic and vegan skincare company. They use a lot of natural ingredients such as rose-hip, peppermint, turmeric, and papaya to create some killer products. I use this Radiant Eye Oil pretty much every day. It’s very soothing, organic, and the coolest part is that the roller ball applicator is actually a rose quartz which is known to soothe and heal.

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I’m sure you guys all know how much I love The Honest Company! Created by my dear friend Jessica Alba (if you missed my interview with her click here!) this company has some absolutely amazing natural skincare products. This mud mask is a great way to detox and is made without nasty sulfates, parabens, or synthetic fragrances.


In true French fashion, Caudalie is just as chic as it is natural! They’re made without any nasty toxins and instead filled with natural ingredients such as sage, chamomile, avocado, ginger, plant oils and the list goes on! I’m sure you guys have seen me using their Beauty Elixir many times but I seriously love it. It’s refreshing, light, tingly and can be used at any time of day.


Do you guys have any nontoxic skin care products that you love (pregnant or not)? Drop a comment down below! Can’t wait to check out your recommendations!

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