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Let's Talk About CBD

Hey guys! It’s Jane back on the blog today to share with you on why I’m down for CBD.

First of all, I want to preface this story by saying that I’m not a smoker or CBD/Cannabidiol user. Do I have anything against people that smoke or use CBD? Not at all, but I knew in order to reach and speak to everyone openly on this platform, that I had to not favor one side over the other.

You should also know that I did absolutely zero research on this story before deciding to write it so that I could try the products (after reading instructions of course) and formulate my own thoughts and opinions without being clouded by the biases of others or say… the internet. That way, I was able to have a completely honest opinion about my CBD research.

I had the idea to write this article because I saw some CBD items circulating out in the beauty universe and thought it would make an interesting and unique story (especially since I knew relatively nothing about CBD other than that it’s derived from hemp).

So, I blindly reached out to a few brands and asked them to send a few products from their line for a CBD story I was working on and two months later, here we are.

What actually peaked my interest was when I was getting a dermaplaning facial at Kerry of Stacked Skincare’s home. It was so lovely meeting her and talking to her about how she made the big switch from tech to skincare because she couldn’t find anything out there that actually worked for her sensitive and fickle skin. While we were chatting, she mentioned to me that she was working on a CBD oil that she was really excited about which promised to help with redness, inflammation and calm the skin. Keep reading to find out the results…

BIG DISCLAIMER: The first thing I did when I received everything was smell them and you can rest assure knowing that nothing smells like you just smoked a joint and all products featured smell very pleasant. I was so impressed!


I will admit that I didn’t really know how to incorporate CBD products into my lifestyle because I don’t really have much pain or ailments (praise be! do we have any Handmaid’s Tale fans out there?!). Then you want to know what happened? “Aunt Flow” came and I ordered this CBD body lotion from Eaze. I signed up for an account online, placed my order, and within 20 minutes, the delivery arrived right outside of my home. All I had to do was show the driver was my ID and that was it. It actually was quite Eaze-y (pun intended). I immediately put the lotion on my stomach where my cramps were and thought: let’s just see if this stuff actually works. Want to know what happened 5 minutes later? My cramps were alleviated and I didn’t even need to take a Midol. I was actually in shock at how quickly it worked that I texted all my friends letting them know that I was all about my newfound CBD life.

The next few days, I tried putting this Lord Jones lotion on my back and my hands because my back is where I hold all my stress and my fingers tend to feel a little achy from being on my laptop all day. This lotion actually felt the most concentrated out of them all so just 1 pump later and *poof* my body was in destination relaxation. I KID YOU NOT!

Case and point #3 for the lotions: my dad was having some hip pains and I had him put the lotion on and he immediately felt relief as well. What I love the most about CBD lotions are that they’re actually effective (not just a marketing trick) and they don’t have a bad odorus smell like say… Tiger Balm. Screen grab of proof of relief between my dad and me below via Kakao Talk.

The lotions are also great for say… a long night out. Put them on your feet before you’re dancing in heels all day (Violet Grey taught me) for pain relief. They’re also good for tennis elbow, psoriasis, rosacea, after sunburns and on bug bites (the lotion will help reduce the pain and inflammation which makes your bites itch).


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So this is actually a miraculous mood stabilizer. You can add it under your tongue before a long flight if you tend it get anxious on planes, add it to your tea after work if you need a little stress reliever (hey, it’s fewer calories than a glass of wine that’s for sure), or take it before you go to bed to help calm your stresses and put your mind at ease. The best part? You’re not “high” at all since there is no THC in it (that’s what gets you high) and you tend to feel a lot more chill but still have clarity. I would also add that I recommend not mixing any alcohol when trying this.



Made of all organic ingredients, this moisturizer smells like heaven and was great for my pores, sensitive skin and slight eczema around my mouth. During the day, I mixed it in with my sun drops during the day to make sure I was getting my proper sunscreen protection. It feels super lightweight and not greasy at all. WINNING.



This balm kept my lips smooth all day and actually felt like it made them look a bit more plump???


The serum smells absolutely wonderful and can also be used on your temples at night to help calm you and help you sleep easier. Made up of 99.6% pure CBD, the serum is great for inflammation, supports healing and maintains skin’s moisture and is a more powerful than vitamin C and E. It’s also great to shorten the lifespan of those unwanted and never invited breakouts and eczema/psoriasis flare-ups. The purer the CBD, the more effective it will be for your skin. Hello, healing potion!


Great for those days you’ve been walking on your feet all day long, had a long shoot day, had a really intense work out class or… if you’re actually just feeling a bit achey. What’s better than an average bath? A CBD bath. This CBD bath soak is a total game changer, organic and free of chemicals. You all know how much I love to support small businesses and this one is great!

Personally, I love that CBD products are natural, derived from hemp, and actually effective. Yes, it costs a little more than your average Vicks or drugstore lotion, but it works really well, smells better, is chic as hell and at least you know the ingredients that are in it. I’ve been the little CBD fairy these days and have been letting all my friends and family use the products and let me leave you with this: there is nothing like the gift of healing someone (even if it is momentarily). CBD products have actually given me and my circle the gift of sleep, the gift of calm, and pain relief – all while keeping my headspace clear.

It’s time we debunk the CBD user stereotype because these products couldn’t be more forward-thinking.


Please note that everything should be taken in moderation and remember: I’m no doctor. These are just my opinions from trying these items out and testing them over a 2-month span.  If you’re seeking to use CBD to treat a chronic illness or some sort, it’s best you have a conversation about it with your primary physician.

What did you think of my review? @ me below and join the conversation! Bye for now! 

x Jane

Photography by Karla Ticas |Location: La Peer Hotel
Undies: Entireworld 

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