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Beauty 4 months ago

Get Red Carpet Ready With Me

There are a lot of things I love about my job.

And one of them happens to be the red carpet. More specifically, getting ready for the red carpet! I’m sure a lot of my mommy readers can relate that finding “glam time” isn’t exactly easy. My typical Friday night generally consists of being in my PJs dancing to the Frozen or Moana soundtrack with Chloe- and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

But every so often, I get to get invited to attend something so fabulous for work and I soak it all up! The glam hair, makeup, gowns, the whole thing is so much fun and seriously taps into my girly side. Last weekend, I attended an event with Oscar de la Renta (which you might remember from Instagram here) and I decided to do a little ‘Get Red Carpet Ready With Me’ and share some of my favorite tips and tricks and behind the scenes secrets!

Keep scrolling to discover how I get red carpet ready!

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Anytime I have a big event to get ready for, I’ll always take extra time to pamper myself. I usually do my hair and makeup myself but sometimes if the timing works out, I’ll work with a makeup artist! But no matter what, I’ll start with a good hydrating sheet mask, like this one here. When it’s time for my makeup, I’ll use a good primer like this one to make sure my skin is even and my makeup has extra staying power. I don’t use a primer every day, but for events, I want to ensure that my makeup stays put and doesn’t budge!

Another thing I do differently is something a makeup artist introduced to me called “Controlled Dewy.” I love the dewy look on myself but after trial and error (read: some really greasy looking photos of me) I learned that matte is the way to go. But, in order to get that subtle glow that catches the light perfectly in all the right places, I keep my t-zone completely matte and put the glow (this highlighter from Armani is magic!) on my cheekbones. That way I still get the glow without looking like a sweaty mess!


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When I do my hair myself, I go one of two ways: pin straight or top knot. I like the focus to be on my look or my makeup so I don’t ever get too crazy with my hair. For sleek looks, I’ll use a good serum, and for a textured look, I’ll use a texture spray like this one. My pro tip for pulled back looks like my top knot is to use a hair powder (check it out here) to fill in my hairline and make my hair appear thicker!


When I pick my outfit for an event I take in all of the usual things into account: weather, time of day, dress code, etc. but since I’m pregnant, it’s gotten to be pretty difficult to dress up for events. Even if I think something will fit over the bump, there’s always a chance it won’t zip, or fit properly. Because of that I always have a few options to choose from and well, that’s that.


Wearing the perfect scent is the absolute cherry on top of any glam look. It leaves a lasting impression on everyone you say hi to and creates long-lasting memories. I pick my fragrance depending on where I’m going and what I’m wearing. For this look, I wanted to do something romantic and feminine so I picked the Bella Blanca perfume from Oscar de la Renta. It smells like an absolute dream and my fragrance secret spot is to put perfume in my hair for special events! I don’t do it daily because perfume can dry out your hair, but for events, it’s the perfect finishing touch. (PS: Did you guys know that there’s actual hair perfume??) For more of my favorite fragrances this season and some tips to make your perfume last all day check out this post here!

Do you guys do anything special you do when you're getting ready for a big event? Let me know down below! 


Photography by Karla Ticas | Hair & Makeup by Leibi Carias
Gown: Oscar de la Renta | Location: La Peer Hotel

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Get Red Carpet Ready With Me

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