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Best Packing Tips Ever

Who else leaves packing for a trip to the last minute?

I know I’m guilty of it for sure. For all of the traveling I do, I still dread packing and always think I have more time than I actually do. Especially on trips where I have to pack for multiple locations at once. Having traveled quite frequently, I surfed the internet, asked around the office and added my own two cents to give you the best packing tips ever.


Check List

I always find that if you have time to physically write things down, it helps to keep track of everything! Whether you create a simple packing list or a to-do list of things you need to get done before you leave, seeing it written out really helps! If you don’t have time for a physical pen to paper, typing it out in your notes or your reminders on your phone works too! Seeing something physically in front of you really helps to organize your thoughts.


If you’re prone to forgetting things, like your phone charger or toothbrush… post it notes are a great way to leave a visual reminder for yourself. If you write everything down and stick it on your front door or try using a bright eye-catching color or little flag- it’ll help you not forget those little (but important) things!

Roll don’t Fold

This is a tip as old as time, but still important to remember. It saves space which means more shopping and you can see your items quite clearly!


If you’re packing a hat, be sure to fill the crown of it as to not squish it in transit. I like to put small things like a bathing suit or some socks and underwear. Then, pack around the crown of the hat so it’s stable and keeps its shape!


You guys know how much I love my shoes, and if I’m traveling for fashion week- I usually pack a whole lot of them. So to keep everything organized and in efforts to prevent scuffing or getting my clothes dirty, I’ll pack them in their dust bags or even plastic bags if I’ve run out.


Keep All Important Documents In One Place

With whatever carry-on (check out this amazing one for under $100!) or purse I end up traveling with, I always have a specific spot that I keep all the important things. If for some reason I take out my passport, or boarding pass, ANYTHING-  I always make a point to put it right back to where it was. That way I always know where everything is and I won’t lose track of anything. Having a passport holder is great but if you don’t want to spend the $$$ on one right now, a book holds everything in place just as well.

Pack In Pouches

Pouches (like this one) are the best. I use them to carry my in-flight beauty products, various chargers, even snacks. It keeps everything contained and in one place so I can easily access it and put it away. Bonus points for clear pouches because you can see EXACTLY where everything is! If I’m traveling to a destination where I know I’ll want to bring a lot of things back, I like to pack a soft smaller carry-on bag that I can throw in at the bottom of my suitcase that I can fill up later and check in on my flight back home.

Reusable Water Bottle

So many airports nowadays have water filling stations which is so amazing. I’ll usually throw an empty reusable water bottle like this one or this one so I can fill it up with water! That way, I don’t have to buy an overpriced bottle of water at the airport! Sometimes if you ask nicely, the flight attendants will refill your bottle on the plane for you, too.

Socks, Scarf, Pillow, Eye Mask

Of course, you always need to remember your in-flight must haves! Compression socks, so you don’t swell up. A scarf that doubles as a blanket and eye mask and pillow to shut out the world so you can sleep! PS: if you want to check out my in-flight beauty routine, click here ‘cause you know I’m serious about my skincare no matter the time or place.

Portable Charger

Though some planes have outlets for your charger I don’t like to risk it! I’ve always carry a portable charger like this one that keeps my phone alive throughout the whole flight and the whole trip! It’s such a lifesaver and helps me catch up on my emails.


Use the Closets

If you’re traveling for a long period of time, make sure to actually use the closets! Especially if you have clothes that are prone to wrinkles or creasing, it’s so much easier to pick your outfits if you can see them organzined in one place. Bonus points if you travel with a mini-steamer like this one!

Keep Dirty Clothes Separate

My tip is to pack a reusable tote bag or garment bag to throw your dirty clothes into! That way, they don’t get mixed up with the rest of your clothes, they won’t stink up your suitcase, and when you get home- you can easily sort through your clothes come laundry time.


Double and Triple Check Everything

Before you leave, make sure to always do a few sweeps of the room and check the drawers. Especially if you’re traveling with kids! You never know where they’ll accidentally stick things when you’re not looking.

Always Have Plastic Bags

I always make a point to travel with a few ziplock bags. Whether it’s for toiletries, wet bathing suits or a new beauty product I picked up – you never know when one might come in handy.

Make Sure All Documents Are In Order

Lastly, before you leave, take a minute to make sure that all of your travel documents are in order! You don’t want to scramble last minute and forget or misplace things! That’s the absolute worst!

Do you guys have any packing tips that you swear by? Drop me a comment down below and let me know! 

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