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The 6 Summer Trends You Need to Know About

Hey guys, it’s Hannah back on the blog today!

If you get sucked into an Instagram black hole like I do nearly every day, you’ve probably seen a couple of trends popping up a lot. Subtle at first, there are a couple of silhouettes, prints, and materials that I keep seeing everywhere! I gathered some of my favorites and broke them all down for you. Here are the 6 summer trends you need to know about:

Shop Square Neck

Square Neck

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen a square neck, I’d be rich. But to be totally honest, I’m guilty too! I love the retro vibe it gives so it’s somehow classic and on-trend all at once! The one I’m wearing here is actually a knit crop top that you might remember from this post! I also have a black square neck body suit (like this one here) that I love to wear with cutoffs!

Shop Contrast Buttons

Contrast Buttons

Buttons are totally having thier 15 minutes right now and I’m all about it. Dresses, skirts, blouses- they’re everywhere! It’s cool and casual and might be one of my favorite summer trends. (I’m 100 percent picking up this dress for my vacation.)

Shop Shell Jewelry

Shell Jewlery

Remember the days of puka shells and how we all swore we wouldn’t repeat history? Well guess what’s back in style! Luckily, this time around, it’s a little more dainty. They’re called ‘cowrie shells’ and mark my words: by the end of the summer, they’re going to be everywhere!

Shop Square Toe

Square Toe

All I can think of when I see square toe sandals is the 90’s. I mean, I was a child in the ‘90’s, but my fashion memory is prime thank you very much. I’ve seen a few square toe sandals on Instagram and slowly but surely making their way into stores. Similar to the dad shoe trend, you either love it or you don’t!

Shop Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Go to your bathroom, find where you keep your stash of bobby-pins and WEAR THEM! I’ve been so into this trend after seeing Chriselle wear it during her gender reveal! I’m a huge fan of scrunchies, but I think bobby-pins might be my new favorite. I found these white bobby-pins at the bottom of my makeup bag (no idea where they’re from) but I found some gorgeous colorful ones here!

Shop Beaded Bags

Beaded Bags

I was hesitant about this trend at first… honestly I thought it was kind of weird but lo and behold, they’ve totally taken off. Colorful, neutrals, cross body, tote, you name it. The first time I saw it was on IG, but suddenly I’m seeing beaded bags all around LA!

What do you guys think about these summer trends? Love them? Hate them? Drop a comment down below and let's discuss. See you guys next week! 


x Hannah

Photography by Drew Scott

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