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Best Waterproof Makeup for Summer

Hey guys, it’s Hannah back on the blog today!

I try to wear little to no makeup when I know I’m going to be in the pool or the ocean- but sometimes I want a little something something on my face. Since I’m a total water baby, I hate having to choose between looking alive and doing handstands in the pool. So this summer, I choose BOTH! I set out on a hunt for the best waterproof makeup for summer, and I found some gems.


Waterproof mascara is a beach/pool day must have, but for some reason, it does not agree with my eyelashes. It seems like every formula of waterproof mascara I’ve tried either instantly flakes off or finds a way down my cheeks. Until I met this guy from Mac. First off, it’s just a damn good mascara. It makes my lashes look great! It also doesn’t budge, even as I tested it standing in the shower.

Eyeshadow / Liner

This Sisely eyeshadow/eyeliner is ah-mazing. I love it so much, I’ve been wearing it for just a normal day at work! I got the copper color which I love for my green eyes- but it’s also super flattering on all eye colors! I like to do a sweep of the product along my lash line and give it a good smudge with my finger or a Q-tip for just a wash of color but if you’re looking for just a good ‘ol black liner, check out this guy here!

Another way to make sure your shadow sticks is to use this primer from Mac. It’s a long-wear eyeshadowbase and let me tell you- it really works.


So, there are some waterproof lipsticks and bronzers and blushes out there but in the spirit of being frugal, I grabbed this lip/cheek pot from Tata Harper which is already in my makeup bag! Not only is it an amazing product for everyday use, but it’s cream-based, which I find stays on longer and doesn’t melt away like a powder. I have the shade Very Naughty, which is a gorgeous red. It’s pretty sheer but builds beautifully.

Setting Spray

Setting sprays are life savers. Once upon a time living in the ridiculous humidity of South Texas, this setting spray from Urban Decay saved my face on the daily. I’ve since graduated to this matte setting spray from CoverFX and I really love it! It’s light, and I found that it helped lock in the makeup on my face. Chances are if you’re going to be needing waterproof makeup, you’ll probably be sweating. Setting sprays lock it alllll in.

Not to mention this setting spray/SPF combo from Kate Somerville is a summer must have!

And now… if you’re wondering how to REMOVE waterproof makeup, don’t worry- I have that all figured out too. This micellar water and a cotton pad are amazing but if you ask me- two words: coconut oil.

Do you guys have any waterproof makeup products that you love? Please drop a comment down below and let me know! Have a great weekend, guys!

x Hannah

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Photography by Karla Ticas | Location: La Peer Hotel

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