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Motherhood 2 months ago

My 5 Month Secret

I’m feeling totally overwhelmed with happiness as I announce my pregnancy today! First… completely excited and thrilled to share the news, but also completely relieved as I can finallllllllly share this secret that I’ve been keeping from you guys for months and really let that belly hang out! 😉

The day I found out I was pregnant I immediately wanted to call my friends and family and share the news with them, but I held back. As a lot of you guys know, I’ve experienced a miscarriage about 4 years ago before I had Chloe (which I talked about in this video here), and unfortunately, I recently experienced my second miscarriage a few months before becoming pregnant with this one. So naturally, when I found out I was pregnant with this one my head immediately went to a place of doubt, paranoia, and fear (I’ll get into the details of how I dealt with this and what I was personally going through during the first and second trimester in upcoming posts as they deserve to be stand-alone topics and blog posts).

I decided to tell my friends and family after the 3-month hump of my first trimester, and although I desperately wanted to tell you guys early on I decided to hold off until a bit later once I knew things were safe and sound. So here I am, 5 months into my pregnancy feeling more alive and grateful than I could ever be! I do have to say being pregnant for the second time is a bit different than the first, but I’m trying to enjoy every minute of it as I’m already halfway through! I figured that Mother’s Day would be an appropriate day to share this exciting news with you guys!!

I’ve always wanted to do a beautiful portrait shoot semi-naked with my growing belly but never had the guts to do so when I was pregnant with Chloe. I felt uncomfortable with my body the first time around, but this time I feel so different about my body and who knows if we’ll have a third one! I feel full of life and beautiful with my growing belly and body. Once you understand what the woman’s body can endure during and post pregnancy… you have the utmost respect and admiration for the female form. So I decided to have this last minute impromptu shoot with Elizabeth Messina (who I’ve admired for years) in her studio.

We first shot in the Valentino gown of my dreams. When I saw their finale dress on their runway last season (in person) I knew I had to get my hands on it and have an excuse to wear it out somewhere. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be wearing it for my pregnancy reveal shoot! A big thank you to my Valentino family for making this dream of mine come true! For the other looks, I wanted to document my growing belly, so we simply used Elizabeth’s archives of vintage lace pieces. She shot this entire story with film which makes it even more special and timeless. I want to remember this time forever and ever.

Allen and I are thrilled to be expecting once again, and to share this new chapter of our life with you all! We are enjoying every moment with our little Chloe Bear before we welcome our second one into our lives as we know things will quickly become joyfully chaotic! I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to share every aspect of my life with you guys from the highs to the lows. Thank you guys so much for your constant love and support! Happy Mother’s Day to you and your Mamas!

Also, if you guys want to see how the last 5 months were- I documented it all on video. Watch it HERE!


Outfit Details:

Gown: Valentino
Lace Robe: GIRL AND A SERIOUS DREAM / Instagram
Head Piece & Flower: TWIGS & HONEY / Instagram


Photography by Elizabeth Messina | Hair & Makeup by Alison Christian

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