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LIFESTYLE 3 months ago

How to Get Rid of Tech Neck

Have you ever sat at your laptop or on your phone for such a long period of time that when you finally step away, you have a horrible aching feeling in the back of your neck? Whether we’re conscious of it or not, staring down at your phone/tablet/laptop for long periods of time puts a ton of tension and stress on your neck and spine. So how do you get rid of tech neck? I recruited my girl Hannah to help demonstrate some better posture and some really great neck exercises!

Just say no to slouching! I know how easy it is to get comfortable and settle into a deep Instagram black hole, but try to be really conscious about the way you’re sitting. Even just making sure you’re sitting with your shoulders back can make you feel so much better!

One of the neck exercises or stretches I like to do is very deep nods. Which sounds funny, but you essentially nod your head up and down very deeply and very slowly! It really helps stretch your neck and shoulders so you don’t end up feeling stiff!


The combination of sitting in a weird position for a long period of time, bad posture and stress means a super achy back. I’ve gotten so tense while working that I’ve actually been sore the next day! One of the best tips I can give you, beyond being aware of the way you’re sitting, is to be aware of where you’re sitting. If you spend long hours working on your laptop or at a computer- always try to sit at a desk.

For our new office, we got the team adjustable standing desks and ergonomic desk chairs- but if you work from home or in a corporate office- little things like a laptop raiser like this or a back supporting pillow can help dramatically improve your posture!

I try to do this stretch as often as I can! A great tip that one of the girls on the CINC team does is to set reminders on her phone throughout the day to remember to look away from the screen and stretch!

Okay, who else ends up taking their laptop to bed or on the couch and end up in the worst possible contortion of a position and end up feeling achy when they stand up? It can’t just be me! Having your laptop on your lap in any setting is awful for your back and neck- so always try to at least prop it up on a pillow if you must sit on the couch!

This neck stretch feels soo good on the back of your neck. Just slowly tilt your head as far back as you can go maybe 4 or 5 times- throw in a couple of shoulder rolls and you’ll be good as new!

Give Your Neck Even More Love

Speaking of necks- make sure you don’t leave them out of your skincare routine! A good neck cream like the ones here are a great way to keep the delicate skin of your décolletage moisturized and tight! Plus, a face roller never hurt either!

Do you guys have any tips for getting rid of tech neck? Let me know in the comments below and have a great day!


Photography by Teddy Nguyen (Instagram | Website)

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How to Get Rid of Tech Neck

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