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Beauty 4 months ago

The 10 Best Morning After Beauty Tips

Hey guys! It’s Hannah back on the blog today! (If you missed my last few posts, click here and here!) This post was inspired by a ~crazy Saturday night I had a few weeks ago. What started out as an innocent wine night at a friend’s apartment turned into a very uncomfortable Sunday morning if you catch my drift. But, with a brunch reservation on the horizon and a group chat blowing up, I knew I had to put my best foot forward.

I knew I felt like sh*t, but I didn’t want to LOOK like I felt like sh*t. You know? So using the following tried and true tips, I was able to make it to brunch in one piece! So whether you ended up having one too many at dinner with your friends on a Wednesday night or having a rough night’s sleep with a big day ahead of you- these are the 10 best morning-after beauty tips:

1. Be Prepared

Whenever I go out, I always try to think ahead. Maybe it’s the girl-scout in me, but I’m always prepared! I try to eat a big meal prior to going out to carb-load because nothing is worse than alcohol on an empty stomach. I always have a giant bottle of water waiting for me in the fridge and Advil by my bed. I know that taking a little bit of time to prepare before I go out will save me from a literal headache later.

2. Shower!

If I’m smart about it the night before, the next morning might be a drag but it won’t be as big of a drag as it could be. To wake myself up and get my blood pumping, I take a quick shower. A while ago I read a tip online that you should use a minty-smelling body wash to help wake you up, and it really works!

3. Face Roller

Who else wakes up swollen after a long night out, because I know I do! That why I love to use my jade roller (you can buy the one I have right here! It’s under $10!) after I jump out of the shower. Sometimes when I need a little extra help, I’ll throw the roller in the fridge for a few minutes and use it cold. It really helps me de-puff! If you don’t have a jade roller yet, some spoons in the freezer are my go-to for puffy eyes, too.

4. Wash & Cleanse

Hopefully, you took your makeup off, but if not, get all that off. I’m really proud of myself for always (okay usually) taking my makeup off when I get home. But, I mean, nobody is perfect. For those mornings when I do wake up with last night’s mascara all over my face, I use Chriselle’s tips from this post here!

5. Moisture, Hydrate, and Repeat

Drink all the water. Think you can’t drink anymore? Drink more. Even if you drank the whole bottle of water when you got home, you still. need. more! After you hydrate your body, hydrate your face! Eat some food and take some Advil while you’re at it, too.

6. Face Mask Time!

If I have time in the morning, I try to throw on a hydrating sheet mask to bring some life back to my skin. If I’m out of sheet masks, I’ll use this brightening mask to wake up my dull skin.

7. Makeup

If you get to spend the whole day on the couch or in your bed binging your newest Netflix obsession then totally skip this step! But if you have to put on a brave face and head back out into the world, grab that concealer. To avoid looking too cakey, I try to not use too much makeup. Just some concealer here and there to kill the redness and cover up some blemishes.

8. Blush is your BFF

While I try to keep my makeup minimal, blush truly is my BFF for the morning after. It brightens up your face and instantly makes you look more awake. I’ve been using this blush here, and I use whatever I have left over on my fingers on my lips! If you ever wake up somewhere that’s not your house (not that I would know, hey mom!) use whatever lipstick you used from your night out to brighten your face back up again!

9. Dry Shampoo

I have naturally curly and wavy hair, and I try not to wash it more than 2 times a week but after a night out, my hair can fall pretty flat. Enter dry-shampoo. It gives me instant volume AND makes my hair smell good- what’s not to love? I also love these Anti-Friz sheets too! They’re perfect for the purse/wallet.

10. When all else fails, sunglasses!

Sometimes, the only way to go about it is to throw on a pair of sunglasses and a brave face.

Do you guys have any morning after beauty tips? I want to know! Leave me a comment down below and keep your eyes out for my next contributing post, coming at yah soon!



Photography by Drew Scott

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The 10 Best Morning After Beauty Tips

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