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LIFESTYLE 7 months ago

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2018

Okay, you guys… I don’t want to stress you out, but hasn’t every drugstore you’ve walked into recently already done that with their mile long aisles screaming red and pink? Just Kidding! No, but really…Valentine’s Day is only 12 days away!  Have you gotten the perfect gift for your S.O yet? No? Then you’ve come to the right place! The CINCteam and I put together the ultimate not-basic Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for you to get your shopping on. With Gifts for Her that we know you or your BFF would love and Gifts for Him, that have all been approved by the boyfriends and husbands of the CINCteam, we’re here to help you out!

PS: If you feel like you need to drop some hints to your S.O, be sure to send this guide their way (or maybe just leave this tab open on your computer?) Also, a good dinner reservation goes a long way too- so be sure to do that right after you shop this guide because restaurants tend to book up really quickly for Valentine’s Day! (Flowers + chocolate never hurt either!)



UNDER $100




Please note: treating yourself is totally acceptable too! 😉 Do you guys have any plans for Valentine’s Day yet? Let me know in the comments below and have a great weekend! 


Photography by Karla Ticas

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2018

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