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Self Reflection + 9 Questions to Ask Yourself

I hate saying this every year, but really… WHERE THE HECK HAS THE YEAR GONE??? Anyone else feel me on this? Every time around this time of the year, I feel like time cannot go by any faster…and then it does! As the year goes on…and we continue to grow busier and older… the harder it is to find the time to sit still and self-reflect. I’m a big believer that in order to start your year on the right foot you need to pause, reflect, and set the right intentions for the new year. I also realized that reflection may be more difficult to achieve for some than others. So today, I wanted to share with you some of the questions I ask myself before the year ends (I actually found these questions on an amazing Pinterest board) and I challenge you guys to do the same as it will give you a clearer understanding of who you are and where you want to go for the new year.

Hope you guys enjoy reading this and know that I’m being brutally honest with some of these questions. These are personal thoughts and reflections that I’m sharing with the public so I hope you guys can respect them.

1. What were my best achievements this year? 

Usually, when it comes to “achievements” I immediately think of some BIG milestone, award or major recognition, but this year it’s not that at all. In fact, it’s something so simple that it may not seem like an “achievement” to some of you. So what was my best achievement this year? It was simply to be able to rock my career while maintaining a strong marriage and family life. I shouldn’t say “simply” because it was not simple at all. This year, I had traveled more than I ever have and to be honest I was incredibly nervous about what would happen to my family, my daughter, and my husband this demanding schedule of mine. It was REALLY rough on everyone in the beginning, but it strengthened us as a family. We found ways to connect on a deeper level. We learned that it’s about quality and not quantity. I also learned that “balance” is idealistic and not realistic. I tried to chase having more of a “balanced life” and it nearly drove me off the cliff because the minute I thought I achieved it… I would lose it. I learned that life is more like a see-saw! Instead, knowing that there are seasons when your work side will be heavier and more prominent which most likely means that your personal life will probably suffer a bit, and know that there are seasons when your personal side will need you more and you will naturally need to take a load off from work. Once I understood that concept it almost freed me from the pressure of trying to be perfect in every aspect of my life.

Traveling overseas for 72 hours, rocking my job, and coming home and to completely disconnect from the world and just hang out with my family and tuck my daughter into bed. Could I do more for work? Yes, absolutely but I chose not to… and that was the biggest achievement of all for me in 2017.

2. How did those achievements make me feel?
It makes me feel like I have control over my life and I’m prioritizing what is needed at the moment.

3. What were my 3 biggest challenges or obstacles I faced this year? How did I overcome them? Who did I become as a result?

1. Maintaining and Growing my Marriage
With the amount of traveling, I did this year. It took a toll on my relationship with Allen. We found ourselves in an unpleasant place for a while. We both realized that we needed to invest in our relationship and not be so stagnant with it. We would both make an equal amount of effort to flying to wherever we were just to see each other for a day or two. We
FaceTimed multiple times a day just to “check in” with each other even if it was to talk about what we ate for breakfast! We also made it a priority to keep up with our date nights when we were both back home. Although we LOVE spending time with Chloe, it’s equally as important for us to have alone time. As a result, we are closer than we have ever been, and also willing to go the distance to support one another.

2. Staying Creative
As my business continued to grow at rapid speed this year + launching another company on top of that… I found little to no time to be creative. Being creative is the core of me and it keeps me inspired to do what I do. When I realized how important it was for me to continue to express myself creatively… I decided to let me team know that Thursdays are ME days, and no one can book me for anything on Thursdays. No shoots, no conference calls, nothing… this allowed me to breathe and give me space for creativity in my life again.

3. Managing Myself
I like to think that I can do it all. I love saying YES to everything, but this year I realized that I disappointed a lot of people because I would say YES and not be able to do what I said I would do. This is something I’m still working on and continuing to improve in 2018!

4. How have I developed or changed as a person?

I like to think that I’m much more confident in everything that I do. In my work, as a mother, and overall human being. I’m less dictated by what others are doing and focused on my own path. I also really listen to my body. Before I would PUSH PUSH PUSH myself to the limits to the point of exhaustion. I now know how hard I can push, and when I need to stop and get some rest.

5. What have I done differently this year? What new people have I met or new experiences have I had?

I REALLY value sleep now and I actually sleep more now than I ever have. This has made THE biggest difference in my energy level and the number of things I can take on. I feel more focused and alive because I’m super cautious of what I put in my body, the amount of sleep I get, and of course exercising regularly. One of the BEST experiences I had this year was the #CINCretreat I had with my team at Miraval resort. It was my first holistic wellness retreat it changed my life!

6. How much fun have I had this year? Was I fulfilled?

Oh man… I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE! Someone once told me “The days are long, but the years are short.” But to be honest, I feel like my days are short and my years are even shorter because I’m having so much fun. I feel incredibly fulfilled this year because of all the amazing people I get to interact with on a daily basis; especially my team! I see them almost every day and they know everything about me. I feel like they are my best friends and we are able to be super serious and get sh*t done, but also laugh our asses off and just have the best time ever together. I think because I focused so much on building relationships and memories with those around me that I feel so fulfilled.

7. Who has helped me, been influential or impacted my life this year?

There are so many people, but at the top of the list- I would say are my parents and my in-laws! They are ALWAYS there for me in a heartbeat when I need help. I don’t have a nanny to help me with Chloe, so this means a lot of random phone calls to my parents and/or my in-laws for favors! I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without their love and support.

8. What am I really proud of?

Being able to produce some of my best work, but still be able to come home to feed Chloe dinner and tuck her in for bed at night. No better feeling than that. Also finally launching CINC STUDIOS! So many major things happening right now that I can’t talk about!

9. Is everything I have done this year in alignment with my big dream or goal?

YES YES YES! I’ve never felt more aligned in my life. I feel like I’m at the exact place I need to be in my life.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading my answers, and I challenge you to write down these exact same questions before you start the new year. These questions really brought a lot of clarity to what I want to achieve in 2018.

Thank you guys so much for an AMAZING year and for all of your support throughout! I promise you next year will be bigger and better as we already have a few MAJOR surprises coming your way! Trust me… it won’t disappoint! Hope everyone has a fun and safe NYE and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Photography by Drew Scott