LIFESTYLE 5 years ago

3 Self-Care Tips I Learned at Miraval

2017 was the year that I made my self-care a true priority. To be honest, I haven’t had the most balanced life in the last five or so years… I was so focused on building my business, my career and my family that I put my health and overall well-being on the back burner (I’m sure many of you can relate to this). At the end of last year, it really took a toll on me. I realized that in order to be the best I can be, both professionally and personally, it was okay to put myself first sometimes.

I’m so happy to say that this year I really did focus on taking care of myself more. Between being more conscious about what I was eating, to working out and even taking time to disconnect really made all the difference mentally and physically and got me in such a better headspace.

It was also very important to me that the people around me felt the same. My team and I are constantly running around producing content and working at such an intense speed that the last thing I want is for everyone to get burnt out. You might remember from this post here and this vlog that a just a few weeks ago, my team and I took a week off from work and visited the gorgeous Miraval Resort and Spa in Arizona!

It was amazing to see my team so relaxed and to really be able to disconnect. We came back from our CINCretreat refreshed and more inspired than ever.

Being with my team in a setting that wasn’t dictated by work really helped us bond and become closer than ever. There is something to be said about actually taking time to be “present.”  Here are 3 things I learned from Miraval that you can incorporate into your everyday lives too!

1. Disconnecting is Good

One of the biggest things that Miraval believes in is to ‘Disconnect to Reconnect.’ My life and my job pretty much revolves around the internet and social media, but being able to put my phone down and spend some quality time with my team and Allen was so refreshing. When was the last time you were just still? I know it’s so hard for me to be able to relax and think clearly without distractions and I learned that you should not feel guilty for having nothing to do.  Instead; enjoy it. So, I challenge you to a digital detox! A little quiet time feels so good.  Whether it’s for a few days or a whole week, you’ll feel a lot better than you do now – I promise.

2. Therapy is Good for Everyone

I had always associated therapy with people who are going through marital problems, or issues where they would need to seek professional help but I had my first therapy session at Miraval and I realized that therapy is almost like checking in with a personal trainer, but for your mind and emotions. It’s all about making sure you’re aligned with what you want to accomplish. Plus, talking to a 3rd party who can see things from a different point of view can really help you understand your feelings and yourself. I’m happy to say that Allen and I are considering continuing relationship therapy as a way to continually grow ourselves and our relationship.

I also learned that therapy can come in many forms, one of them being meditation. If you remember from this post, my team and I did a class called Mandalas for Meditation. Staying silent and finding an activity that calms you down and helps you focus on your breath feels amazing. I remember feeling so relaxed and almost sleepy after the session!

3. Do Something You’re Scared Of

You might remember from this vlog, that my team and I did a team bonding exercise called the Quantum Leap. Basically, we all jumped off a 35-foot pole! It was pretty terrifying, but so much fun! One thing I learned from this experience is that once you face your fears- especially with the support of the people you’re closest to, you come out of it knowing each other a bit more and feeling so much more connected.

This time of year is stressful for everyone, so if you’re feeling burnt out, try taking a little time to focus on YOU. I hope these tips help you as much as they helped me and my team!


Photography by Drew Scott