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The Magic of Miraval

If you remember from my Instagram, last week the CINC team and I were lucky enough to stay at the gorgeous Miraval Resort and Spa for the first ever #CincRetreat! It was truly an oasis in the middle of the desert. We all had an amazing time and made memories we’ll never forget!

My team has been working so hard and I wanted to treat them for all their hard work this year! Also, I truly am a huge believer in self-care and having time to be “still”. In order to be your best self whether it be at work or at home, sometimes you just have to unplug and reconnect with yourself. There couldn’t have been a more perfect place than Miraval to take my team to do just that. Not only did we have time to be “still,” but we had time to bond with each other. It was our first time not “working” at all and just enjoying each other’s presence. I don’t remember the last time I laughed so hard that I was crying… my team is quite funny I have to say!

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And look who else showed up! The hubby Allen was able to join us for the weekend.

hey Laura

The Food

Where do I even start with the food? Gourmet, healthy, and included in the price of your stay? YES! Each breakfast, lunch and dinner we had was absolutely delicious and was seasonally sourced! I think I can speak for the entire team when I say that we’d go back just for the food! Lol!  There’s something to be said about not having to worry about what to cook, where to go for dinner and what to eat. This freed up so much time for us to relax and just be present.

Mandalas for Meditation

One of the group classes we took was called Mandalas for Meditation. It was all about using flow activities for meditation. If you’re like me, it can sometimes be hard to turn your brain off. Activities like coloring or drawing are a good ‘flow activity’ that help almost turn your brain off and keep you calm. The team and I were so surprised at how quickly we were able to steady our breathing, lower our heart rate and really focus on our creativity! Above are some of our finished products- can you guess who’s is who’s?

An Unforgettable Canvas

Another team activity we did was “An Unforgettable Canvas.” We were able to paint on horses! The resort uses this activity as a way to give retired riding horses a new purpose. All of the paints were non-toxic and water-soluble, so they didn’t harm the horses at all. To them, it just feels like a little massage! After we painted our masterpieces, we rinsed the paint off and then, as you can see above, we watched as the horses rolled around in the dirt! They looked like adorable giant puppies. We learned that having a nice coat of dirt on them works as a sunscreen and fly protection for the horses! Painting on horses was a true first for everyone on the team and it was so reassuring knowing that everyone that works at Miraval is a fully trained in-house professional in their areas of expertise.

hey Drew, Hannah, Candice & Monika!

One of the amazing spa treatments I was able to experience at Miraval was the exclusive Harvest Honey Ceremony. Exclusive to Miraval, the honey used for this treatment is made right on the grounds! Jam packed with tons of amazing vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, the Honey Facial felt amazing. My skin was absolutely glowing after the treatment was done!

Say hey to the Video Team: Timmy, Monika & Candice!

It’s the Editorial Team: Jane & Hannah

This treatment was unlike any other massage I’ve ever gotten. Ever! Called the Vasudhara treatment, it was basically like an underwater massage. You float blindfolded with your ears underwater in a pool heated to body temperature and it feels like you’re floating in another world. All of the built up stress I keep in my shoulders seemed to completely disappear as floated. I love the ocean and water, but I was still pretty nervous about this treatment, but I can honestly say I’d never been more relaxed! This treatment was just one of the many meaningful wellness experiences that Miraval offers. You can see their full list of treatments they offer here!

The team and I had the most amazing time at the Miraval Resort and Spa. From relaxing to digital detoxing, wellness programs, to team building, laughing until we cried and everything in between- the first ever #CincRetreat was truly unforgettable! A huge thank you from all of us on the Cinc Team to everyone at Miraval for the incredible experience. We hope to be back soon!


Photography by Drew Scott