LIFESTYLE 5 years ago

My Day at the Office

I feel like every day that goes by, life just keeps getting more and more hectic. Running the business and having a creative team means that my day to day is generally never the same. Having things to keep me on track makes everything so much more streamlined, easy and effortless. You guys know how much I love Tory Burch, so when there was buzz about the release of ToryTrackI was all about it! It’s a gorgeous watch that is actually a smartwatch! Between personalizing subtle push notifications for texts and emails, to sleep tracking and even an automatic time change switch for traveling, this watch literally does it all!  I especially love that you never have to charge it as well.  Each coin battery that powers the watch is good for up to 5 months! Not only does the watch look good as an accessory as well, but I love that it seamlessly fits into my day. Keep scrolling to see how perfectly my ToryTrack fits into my day at the office:

7AM : Morning Workout 

If I can start my day with a workout, I know it’s going to be a good one! Whether I go for a hike, a run, or even make it to a class– I love to have my ToryTrack on me to monitor my steps and activity. The watch syncs with my phone, so it’s great to have it all mapped out, plus the watch will gently buzz if I get a phone call, email or text message!  

9AM : IG Beauty Live

Instagram lives are some of my favorites to do in the mornings. After my workout, it’s time to get ready for the day, and I like to do my makeup on IG live, answer questions and share what products I’m currently using and loving.

10AM : Work Meeting

Work meetings are such an important part of my day. Being able to catch up with the team, and plan our week really helps streamline everything and keep everyone on the same page!

11AM : Shoot Content for the Blog

Having accessories that go with everything makes my life so much easier; especially my ToryTrack. I love that it’s a smartwatch, but looks so classic. You’d never guess by just looking at it all of the cool things it can do.

12:30PM: Lunch Meeting

I ran straight from shooting for the blog to a lunch meeting, and if it weren’t for my ToryTrack, I probably would’ve lost my phone! I couldn’t find it anywhere, but since my watch syncs up with phone, all I had to do was tap a button and find it at the bottom of my bag!

3PM: Film

After my lunch meeting, I headed straight back to the office to film! Since my day is so hectic, keeping track of time on my ToryTrack keeps me on schedule and keeps everyone happy!

5PM: Getting Dressed for an Event

My days are always so packed, and when everything is back to back like this one- it flies by! Before I knew it, it was time to get ready for an event. Having my ToryTrack work for both casual and dressy outfit looks is so amazing.

What are your thoughts on smartwatches? Do any of you swear by them yet? Let me know in the comments below and have a great day!


Photography by Drew Scott