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3 Tips to Avoid Making Bad Food Choices

We could all stand to eat a little healthier, right? You might remember me talking about how I quit sugar a few weeks ago (read all about it here!) and it really opened my eyes to how much more approachable healthy eating is than you might think.  Getting there and starting off on the right foot is actually the hardest part.  Between some amazing avocado toast to my favorite breakfast bowls and smoothies, keep scrolling to read my tips on how to avoid making bad food choices throughout the day:

Left: Spinach | Middle: Flax Seed | Right: Hemp Seed

Left: Cacao Nibs | Right: Avocado 

1. Breakfast Really IS the Most Important Meal of the Day 

Your morning can really set the tone for the rest of your day. Starting off with a healthy and filling breakfast (and a workout) can help prevent you from snacking on junk food throughout the day. Mentally, it encourages you to continue your healthy habits throughout the day. I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I have a productive morning, I feel like I can tackle anything the day flings at me!

When it comes to lunchtime, knowing what you’re going to eat and what’s around you, helps keep everything in line. If there are too many options available, it makes me go crazy and that’s when I fall into bad habits. This tip also helps when I’m traveling!

2. Have Some Easy Go-To Recipes

Avocado toast is a lifesaver. I know it’s super trendy right now, and there are tons of fancy ways to put it together, but I promise you that all you need is just a good piece of toasted bread, some mashed avocado, salt (and/or pepper), some red pepper flakes and chia seeds (if you’re feeling fancy).  End result? MAGIC. Another thing I’ve been reaching for recently have been my yogurt bowls! I love to mix in fresh berries if I can, plus some yummy flax seeds (which are fiber), hemp seeds (great for protein), and chia seeds (loaded with fiber and calcium) to keep me fuller longer!

If you don’t have a lot of time to prep anything, a smoothie is such a great option too. Just mix it up and you’re ready to go! I like to pack in as many greens (like spinach and kale), into my smoothies as possible. I’ve been loving the Fab Four Smoothie by Be Well By Kelly (check out her book here!). The whole concept is to make sure to get a protein, fat, fiber, and green in everything you eat. Breaking it down into something so easy has really helped put healthy eating into such an approachable process.

I also swear by kombuchaI stock my fridge with a case every week. It helps curb my sweet tooth, aids my digestion (aka makes me go to the bathroom!) and curbs my appetite so I don’t snack throughout the day. But as much as I love my kombucha (and trust me I do), remembering to drink as much water as possible is also super important! I don’t really like consuming water and my team is always on me about drinking more water when I can, but recently I’ve been trying to drink a cup of water before every meal or when I’m craving a snack. Oftentimes, I wasn’t actually hungry; just dehydrated!

3. See-through Storage Containers 

The containers that I store my seeds in are cute and functional! I found them online and they’re one of the best purchases I’ve made for my kitchen! They look great, keep everything in my kitchen organized and cohesive, plus looking at them makes me more inclined to incorporate them into my food! Containers like these are also great for dry grains and cereals so you always remember how much you have left. Pick up some chalkboard labels to keep organized!

The most important tip I can give you, in my opinion, is to not deprive yourself. You know how the second someone tells you not to do something, that’s all you want to do? That’s kind of the same with food! Of course, everything in moderation- but you need to make sure you have a good healthy balance. Do you guys have any healthy eating tips? Let me know down below! Have a great weekend!


Photography by Drew Scott